Loving yourself enough to trust your internal GPS to guide you is a super-power.  The more you exercise it, the more confidence you have that your decisions are good. As you continue to choose wisely, your foundation becomes firmer. This is your inner wisdom guiding you to do what matters most.

What follows is resilience for managing through and beyond those life events that can turn your world upside down.


Do What Matters Most

Following is one of my favorite inspirational quotes with great advice about the value of intuition when a lot is going on in your life.  Events like loss of a loved one, a divorce, caregiving, or a career upheaval, can be life-changing. Even your day-to-day life can be so hectic that you know you’re letting things fall through cracks, but you can’t help it.  There are lots of things to do and decisions to be made.  It can be overwhelming.

The advice here is sound: follow your inner wisdom and do what matters at the moment.

“We all have all the time we need for the things that matter.  Our only responsibility in each moment is to discern what matters most right now and to focus and follow-through.  You can’t do everything well right now but, you can do what matters.  And that’s where trusting your intuition comes in, clearing your fears and fueling yourself with love and light, so you can see what matters.”  ~Author Unknown


Feel Your Inner Wisdom Communicate

What exactly is intuition? It is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.  It is something you feel, rather than something you know.  So, how do you know when your intuition has something to say?

Listen carefully.  Get quiet and silence the chatter in your head.  Slow down and stop multi-tasking, just for a while.

Now, let your Inner Wisdom — your intuition — help you to discern what matters most. Think about all the things that are on your plate right now.  How long is your to-do list?  Can you possibly get everything done well right now? Probably not. So, what is most important?

As you consider each task on your list, feel into it. Your inner wisdom may “speak” to you, not in words, but a feeling.  It will guide you to clear your fears and fuel yourself with love and light, so you can see what matters.  Set aside any fear that may come up, so it does not cloud your judgment of what matters.

You may feel a lightness in your spirit when you think of one thing, while another may feel as if your chest is heavy. Notice. Pay attention to these feelings.  Your inner wisdom is communicating with you about what matters.


Decide What Comes Next

Once you choose what is most important to do at each moment, the advice guides you to focus and follow-through.  This is how you can get things done even under the most overwhelming circumstances.  One small step at a time.

If you believe, as I do, that we all have all the time we need for the things that matter, then you can be comforted by that thought.

So, why do we sometimes feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time in a day, or a week, or a month, or a year, or a lifetime?  Do you feel that way? I do sometimes, too.


When you Listen to Your Inner Wisdom Instead

When you remember to tap into your Inner Wisdom, you are likely to give yourself permission to see things differently. You might hear that many of those things you think you should be doing don’t really matter at all.  Give that some thought.

I just did.  I noticed something: if I choose to spend time doing or thinking about all those things that don’t matter, what really does matters would take a back seat. See if any of these things ring true for you.


What Matters Most to You?

Does it matter that your house is not spotless, and you have company coming to visit?

I am a recovering perfectionist, so there was a time this mattered greatly to me.  When I tapped into my Inner Wisdom I heard, what matters is that I get to spend a wonderful evening with my dearest friends, and I can focus on being present and letting them experience the enormous love and respect I have for them.   I feel confident in this place. The dust bunnies don’t matter.  Thank you, Inner Wisdom.

Does it matter that you have to run an urgent errand and you don’t have time to change into “going out” clothes?  What if someone sees you?

There was a time when I would never leave the house without makeup and dressed to the nines.  My Inner Wisdom reminds me now: what matters is that I focus on the urgent errand and follow through to get it done because my dog will suffer greatly if I don’t get this medication for her.  If I meet someone I know, smile and act as if I am in full regalia!  Thank you, Inner Wisdom.

Does it matter that you haven’t lost all the weight you’d like, and your entire family is coming for a reunion?  What will they think?

There was a time, not so long ago, that this would matter to me. What mattered instead, is that I got to have all my brothers and their kids and their kids’ kids to stay for a week and have a blast.  No one is perfect, not even me.  My Inner Wisdom has finally convinced me that I am good, very good, just the way I am!


The Power of Your Inner Wisdom

When you tap into the super-power that is your intuition—you may call it your gut feeling, or instinct, or inner wisdom—magical things can happen. To get there, start by answering a few questions:

  1. What is the one thing that matters to you the most?  Right now — this very moment.What if you:
  2. committed yourself to focus on just that one thing right now?
  3. agreed with the following statement: I cannot do everything well right now, so I will only do what matters.
  4. stopped everything and trusted your Inner Wisdom to guide you? What would it tell you?
  5. cleared away the fear that keeps you trying to do it all, fueling yourself with trust and love so you can see what matters the most?


What Comes From Using Your Super-power?

I’ll tell you what will happen when you answer these questions for yourself.  I can tell you because it has happened FOR me.  The old habits will die hard but, they will die.  You will worry about the things that don’t get done, for a while — and then you will realize that they did not matter at all.

New feelings will take the place of the old habits and worry—feeling lighter, less burdened, freer because you have chosen to focus on those things that matter to you the most.  And, you will have followed through on those things till they were done well.

There is great satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and empowerment in doing things to the best of your natural ability.  Soon, you will begin to recognize the value you bring to your own life and the lives of the most important people around you.  As a result, your confidence will grow; leading you to feel less harried because you have stopped trying to do it all.  You will be happier—with yourself and with your life.

Isn’t it amazing how smart our Inner Wisdom can be?  Sit quietly and get to know your super-power.  The more you do, the more resilient you will become, especially when life-changing moments happen. You will have created a new habit of tapping into your super-power.

I promise, she will serve you well!  You will thank her for it.


Step onto Your Bridge

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