What Clients Say about Working with María

“Everything worked out exceptionally well”

I recently accepted an offer with that company that was hard to pin down. Remember when you advised me to play a more active role in following up?  Well, it worked.  Not only did the recruiter become my best advocate for the position, but he also passed along those sentiments to hiring managers and leadership.

Everything worked out exceptionally well despite the constant inward and outward struggle.  As a result, I leveled up in responsibility, pay, and future growth opportunities.

I wanted to sincerely “Thank You” for your guidance!  I don’t know how this would have played out without you.  I do know that I was a tricky client who was not always receptive to your words of wisdom.  But, despite what you saw and heard on camera, I put them into practice during this strenuous, tedious and humbling job search, and it paid off.

Jae V.

“As hard as I tried to make it work, nothing was changing”

The job I’ve been in for the last nine years has been sucking the soul out of me for the last year-and-a-half.

As hard as I tried to make it work, nothing was changing. So I made a conscious choice to begin looking outside my company for other opportunities. When I did that with confidence, opportunities started to flow my way!

Because of María’s guidance and her simple program, I’m beginning my new career at the end of the month with a company that shares my vision and aligns with my values.

Megan C.

“Finding a dream job is really possible”

There’s little drama and lots of work, including hands-on projects and oversight — an excellent combination for me at this point in my career. Without first developing a roadmap with your guidance, I wouldn’t have found this opportunity. Being patient was the key; however, once you helped me get clear about what I wanted, I didn’t have to wait too long. Thank you for everything!

Rina F.

“It’s a tremendous holistic program”

The combination of an empathetic and invested career coach + practical tools and resources makes for a tremendous holistic program. Maria is a master at balancing functional exercises (resume/LI/interview prep) with conversations about what I want for my life, career, mental/emotional health, and overall wellbeing. I also appreciated the consistent nudging and motivation to keep me on top of things. 

Stephany H.

“Her guidance is always on point.”

Maria is very personable, professional, and wonderful to work with. Her guidance is always on point; she brings her knowledge and expertise to every session, motivating me to embrace the process. The support I received while making my next career move allowed me to sort through the emotions, face uncertainty head-on, and take the leaps of faith required to get where I wanted to go.

Dar S.

"…she is able to provide great insight and made me feel confident as a working professional…"

María was such a pleasure to work with. She truly wants to help you maximize your career potential and will do everything she can to achieve that end. Due to her extensive background and experience, she is able to provide great insight and made me feel confident as a working professional looking to expand my skills and career opportunities.

Danielle M. 

"I’m so happy I found you."

You’ve helped me to see that I’ve been doing this career transition stuff backward. I’ve been sending out resume after resume and hearing from no one or only hearing about jobs that I could do in my sleep and don’t want to do anymore. I realize now I missed a couple of foundational first steps.

Karen S.

“I found myself needing to pivot”

I can’t say enough kind words about María. I found myself needing to pivot when I lost my job during COVID. Being in my early 50s, it was more than overwhelming to be unemployed for the first time in three decades.

I wasn’t sure which direction to go when I started working with María. She helped me examine all the skills I had acquired in my career and worked with me to help flush out what truly brings me joy in my work.

She continued to work with me as I started my new adventure in real estate, helping me recognize all the strengths and skills that would really matter to my clients despite my newness to the industry. 

I can’t thank her enough for all the support and guidance. Today, I am a happy and fulfilled multi-million-dollar-producing Realtor.

Erin C.

"Her guidance was invaluable."

Working with María was a pleasure. Her guidance while working through my career transition was invaluable. María’s knowledge and skills are unquestionable. María takes a sincere interest in her clients while guiding them through what can be difficult in their lives. She can read people to understand when an emotional lift is needed and when it is time to push forward.

Corey H.

"She led me to my next step in the transition process."

“María assisted me with a service offering pivot within my coaching and consulting business. She led me to my next step in the transition process with thoughtful questions, insights and deep knowledge in the specific field I want to enter into. María, thank you for your sound advice and keen perspective. Your coaching is invaluable.”

Amy P.

“I knew life coaching would change my life from my first session…”

“I knew life coaching would change my life from my first session with María, I am normally a procrastinator. I was stuck in life wondering would I ever be free. However, I refused to hesitate when deciding that I needed Transition and Thrive Life Coaching to help me to get to the next level in life, without it I would not be where I am today. My thoughts would still be racing wondering how to get from point A to B. I no longer find myself becoming frustrated easily when things don’t manifest immediately, I have learned how to take a step back look at my situation and develop the steps I need to get me to where I want to go. I no longer tell myself I am too old because age is just a number. In the movie Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman makes the following statement “You can either get busy living or get busy dying.” María has taught me how to get busy living. I am still a work in progress and will always be but now I have the tools I need to climb the mountains that are before me. I no longer stand at the base of the mountain wondering how to get to the top. Thanks so much Maria for helping me through this process.”

Maxine B.

"I now have greater insight into myself to redefine my goals ... with tangible steps to achieve them."

María is a true coach who cares about her clients and works to identify their needs and values in order to best motivate and encourage them. She has just the right combination of knowledge, insight into people and coaching technique. She is firm when she needs to be in the interest of her clients, holding them accountable and helping them to better understand themselves. María is trustworthy and takes the requirement for confidentiality very seriously, which allows clients to examine [all] aspects of their lives at a deeper level. She has given me greater insight into myself in terms of identifying and redefining my professional and personal goals and has given me tangible steps to take in achieving them. I highly recommend María as a coach ….

Peggy M.

"I look back on my good fortune, I realize what a phenomenal coach María was to me then and continues to be for me now."

María has this fantastic saying: “People enter your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Fortunately for me, my relationship with Maria started as a reason, extended to a season and has ultimately landed in the lifetime category. I met María nearly 20 years ago and still to this day, I am lucky to consider her a true friend, mentor and coach. Early in my career, I worked very closely with María and she took careful time to transfer her knowledge in a style that was warm and inviting. I owe a lot of my successes to María and her belief in me and my abilities. We spent loads of time on the phone talking through various professional situations and life choices. And now, as I look back on my good fortune, I realize what a phenomenal coach María was to me then and continues to be for me now. 

Stacey H.