You are not alone! I’ve been where you are…

As my life moved through its various seasons, I experienced major shifts again and again. They left me feeling hardened, stuck, and powerless. Many of these events were unexpected. My career changes alone caused major upheaval and the critical path I thought I was on eroded in front of my eyes. Eventually, I felt numb to it all.  

Like you, I kept going through the motions–wearing a mask and a suit of armor to protect me–but inside, I felt lifeless and lost. 

Until finally something within me broke. One day I simply could not muster the resiliency to keep going. 

I hit rock-bottom. 

Burned out and hungry for something to shift, I had no choice but to reach for help. That was my turning point.

Looking back, that seems like a long time ago, but really, it’s not so far. I see versions of my story in every client I work with. These women share the same attitude I had when I knew deep in my bones that something had to change.

The pathway to a resilient career and life is one littered with false starts and abandoned hopes and dreams. All too many women have “moments” of clarity about starting fresh or making a brave change, only to abandon them when the fear sets in or the skills to move forward are not easily accessible.

The truth is no one is born knowing how to be resilient. We have role models who lead the way and without one, it’s hard to see the path for yourself.

I am that leader for my clients. Together, we unpack the mess you’re in and rebuild your career and life. The skills of resilience, self-confidence, and self-respect stop being words from famous authors like Brené Brown, and become words you live your life by.

If you’re ready for some guidance to get there, I would love to connect.

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