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As a transition expert, María has shared her story and expertise in various media. Feel free to listen to podcast and radio interviews, read the online features, and watch the TV interviews.

In this article, 86 experts, including María share their best tips on how to embrace authentic living by being your true self.

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Rebelpreneur Radio
In María’s interview with host Ralph Brogden, they discussed the importance of creating a firm foundation in order to move forward after a life transition and how to adapt in situations that turn our worlds upside down.  

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Business Radio X
Values, Vision, Coaching and Transition are all topics covered in this interview with María and Carey Conley, hosted by Michelle Faust of Rhino Nation.

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The CW Tulsa
In this article, María is featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.

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ABC 15
María and the other authors of From Resilience to Brilliance are featured.

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Interview: VoyagePhoenix Trailblazer
María talks about her professional experience and her entrepreneurial journey with VoyagePhoenix.

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AZ Foothills Trendsetters
María gets personal in her talk with AZFoothills Magazine.

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Business Radio X
María is the featured guest premiering her latest book, Upside Down to Right Side Up, in this interview with Business Radio X, hosted by Karen Nowicki. 

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Empowering Women, Inspiring Lives
María discusses how to strengthen your resilience so that you can bounce when life comes at you with transitions, challenges, and obstacles. 

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