Let’s take your career from soul-sucking to a soulful fit.

Are you ready to explore career options that will help you step back into a life that fulfills you and gives you purpose? 

Then, it’s time to make a shift that will have an undeniable impact on every aspect of your life.

As a strong, independent woman, successful and driven, you’re known for being resourceful and reliable—good at what you do. You juggle all kinds of balls in the air at once, which might include family responsibilities, managing and supporting a team, and being the leader at work and in your community, not to mention being a good friend, confidante, and advocate for all those you care about.

To everyone else, it looks like you have it all together because you do your best to keep everything running as smooth as glass. You’re perceived to be confident, determined, and decisive. But, on the inside:

  • You feel confused—as if things are spinning out of control. 
  • The passion is gone for your work, and it’s affecting your mood and relationships.
  • Your energy is zapped, and your ability to have fun has flown right out the window.

You feel a significant change in the air. It might be that you have changed over time, leaving your heart feeling heavy and your head unable to focus. Or it could be that a career or life event has taken you out at the knees, leaving you numb or panicked—or both. These are times when self-doubt takes over, and your confidence takes a hike.

If you’re like some of my clients, you may think, “I don’t recognize who I am anymore,” “I should be able to handle this,” and “Why is this time different?” 

You’re tired of feeling stressed and exhausted, and you wish you could get back to having a happy, balanced life.

Here’s what I want you to know: It’s possible to clear away the fog, stop living to please everyone else, and step into your next career move with passion and intention. 


  • Getting unhelpful advice from friends who don’t understand what you’re feeling.
  • Spending countless hours reading books, listening to podcasts, or taking courses only to realize nothing has changed for you.
  • Trying to implement new strategies that seemed to help for a little while, but then you fall right back into the same old patterns and habits.

Welcome to Your Career Transition Roadmap

It’s here that you’ll learn how to lay a new and firm foundation for the next chapter in your career. 

Get ready to:

  • Get out of your own way and reset your belief system so you can move forward with ease.
  • Create a crystal-clear vision of what you want out of your career and life in your next chapter.
  • Use your God-given voice confidently to ask for exactly what you’re looking for. 
  • Trust your intuition again and make self-assured decisions that keep you in control of your life. 
  • Lean into the power of being the architect of your career—and your life (and ooh, doesn’t that sound nice?).

With this newly found confidence, you’ll be prepared to reimagine your dream career and leverage your skills and experiences, so they position you powerfully for your next career move.

You get to decide what that looks like, and I’m here to help you. 

Here’s what I know: The reason you’re feeling so stuck is that your resilience is in short supply right now. It’s no wonder that’s the case—when things pile up, it takes just a tiny straw to break the camel’s back. 

And, what makes it harder to bounce back is this: to rebuild your resilience, you first need to rebuild your confidence.

When you increase your confidence and get your mojo back, you’ll be able to… 


    • Go from feeling worn, sensitive, and frustrated to being energized and motivated to make things happen.
    • Shift all your worry, stress, and anxiety into curiosity, anticipation, and eagerness to explore new options and pursue creative solutions for your career.
    • Step out of your soul-sucking job and into one that invites you to leap out of bed with excitement every day.

How do I know this approach will work for you?

Because I’ve been where you are.

I’ve experienced significant upheavals again and again in my various seasons of life. During my decades-long corporate career, changes at work and in my life caused the critical path I thought I was on to erode in front of my eyes. Yet, I kept on the protective “everything-is-fine” mask until I finally broke and had no choice but to ask an expert for guidance. 

I see versions of the same story in every client I work with. And these women have the same attitude I had when I knew deep in my bones that something had to change.

So, today I partner with my clients to identify and reconnect with what fulfills them and brings harmony into their lives. After working with me, they know who they are and what they want and have the tools and strategic plan to bring their vision to life.  

It gets me pumped every time I hear what shifted for my clients. Here’s what some of them shared after our work together:

“María helped me see my strengths and unique qualities. Through her program, her gentle but powerful questioning, and her unconditional support, I began to feel stronger and more confident than I had ever felt in my life. I let go of my stories of failure and began to see victories in them instead. Because of this, all areas of my life improved.”

“María has given me greater insight in terms of identifying and redefining my professional and personal goals, along with providing the practical tools to help me achieve them.”

“María’s guidance while working through my career transition was invaluable. Her knowledge and skills are unquestionable. María takes a sincere interest in her clients while guiding them through what can be difficult in their lives. She can read people to understand when an emotional lift is needed and when it is time to push forward.”

You can create a life like this, too.

Options For Working Together

There are three ways we can work together.

The Career Transition Roadmap Program

For those who want a comprehensive program to answer the deeper questions Who Am I Now? What Do I Want? And, How Do I Make That Happen? One-to-one support every step of the way.

Throughout this program, you’ll receive coaching, mentoring, guidance, cheerleading, and accountability partnership. We’ll work together in eight sessions to custom tailor your experience. You’ll get to explore options, define solutions, and implement strategies to move you forward. In addition to the program, you’ll have liberal access to me via email, and within the client-private Facebook group, where you can get impromptu coaching from me and feedback from other like-minded women.   


For those who know what they want, and need support to lay out the goals and action plan to make it happen.

We’ll spend 5 hours in one day (or spread over two days) focused on your most critical needs, drawing from the elements of the Career Transition Roadmap Program. You’ll walk away from this work session with goals, an action plan, and accountability steps that you can implement. Get started with a 30-minute consultation.

Masterminding Deep Dive

For those who have a single issue to breakthrough to get you unstuck and moving forward with more ease and grace.

The 90-minute masterminding session is tailored to each client’s choice of one topic. We’ll explore options, identify solutions, and create an action plan for you to move forward on your own. Get started with a 15-minute consultation.

Not Sure Which is Right for You?

Feeling stuck is not where you belong. You deserve to wake up every morning feeling excited and primed to seize the day.

If you’re ready to rekindle your confidence, get back your mojo, and take your next career move by storm — but aren’t sure which path is right for you — send me a quick email so we can talk about your unique situation, your investment options, and the next steps.