Most people have money beliefs that go back to childhood.  Money doesn’t grow on trees. There is never enough. Money is the root of all evil.  You’ve heard all the old adages—you may still believe some of them.

Some people change those beliefs as they mature, while others hold on to old ideas that no longer serve them today. My next guest shares her journey toward a new realization about money.

This episode’s inspiring conversation is with Marlene Elizabeth.

Making money and spending it was Marlene’s usual pattern until a major life-changing event caused her to think differently about her approach and her responsibility.

You will learn how she was able to stop doubting herself and start daring to unfold her own financial potential.  Don’t miss Marlene’s expert tips and strategies as they unfold in this episode.

I invite you to eavesdrop on our conversation called MoneyWings on RHGTV Network—the Empowered Connections Channel… 


from Upside Down to Right Side Up: Tips for the Transition

Marlene Elizabeth: Money Wings


Money Wings: Marlene Elizabeth