One thing is for sure, we each have many stories that weave a tapestry in our lives. Often, just when we think we’ve got one story fully woven, something or someone pulls on a thread, or pushes an old button, and it’s as if we become unraveled. We may find ourselves feeling things we thought we had healed long ago and moved beyond.

This episode’s inspiring conversation is with ShaRon Rea.

ShaRon tells us a button-pushing story after being divorced ten years. When you are co-parenting, there are so many chances for this to happen over the years, if you let it.  

As a communication and co-parenting expert, ShaRon shares such great wisdom about judgment, truth, and stepping into your voice.  You won’t want to miss her tips. 

I invite you to eavesdrop on our conversation called Dancing Through Emotional Triggers on RHGTV Network—the Empowered Connections Channel…  

from Upside Down to Right Side Up: Tips for the Transition


ShaRon Rea: Dancing Through Emotional Triggers


Dancing Through Emotional Triggers: ShaRon Rea