About The Career Transition Roadmap Program

Look Inside the Program

In the Career Transition Roadmap Program, you’ll learn to shift the way you think about yourself and your values. Then, as you complete the work, a sense of clarity and confidence will anchor you in who you are, what you want for yourself, and how to get it. 

Take a look at the phases we’ll move through to transform your life and career.

Phase 0 | Getting Started

You’re eager for change but wonder how you’ll quiet the chatter in your head and find the time in your busy schedule to ensure you get a different result this time.

We’ll address those two things first with mindset and time management strategies that will allow you to relax into the program and feel comfortable making space on your calendar to attend sessions, complete the homework, and integrate the changes you choose to make.

Phase 1 | Find Your Footing

In this first phase, you’ll build the foundation that will bring you into harmony and balance the quickest. We’ll work to quiet the negative chatter in your head so your mind can rest, helping you determine which areas of your life and career to focus on first. Gaining clarity from the beginning is critical.

Phase 2 | Clear Your Path

We’ll address where your long-standing beliefs come from so they don’t keep cropping up to impede your progress and deplete your confidence. We also tackle deep-rooted fears that can keep you stuck—feeling frustrated and paralyzed.

Once you know how to reframe your fear and replace the old beliefs that no longer serve you today, you can work through the resistance and move forward quickly.

Phase 3 | Create Your Roadmap

In this phase, we’ll get crystal clear on your vision for the future you want to create—and the basis for it is your rock-solid values. 

Get ready to find it easier to identify options, explore choices, and make decisions that best support you.

Phase 4 | Uncover Your Voice

At this point, you’ll be equipped to own your unique gifts and talents, behave with more confidence, and trust your intuition, which is essential to landing the next right career opportunity for you.

With your plan firmly in mind, I will advise and guide you through polishing your resume and LinkedIn profile, creating a job/career research plan and search strategy, and preparing you to take decisive steps to put your plan into action.

Phase 5 | You Take Flight

We’ll hone your interviewing skills through mock interviews using the latest interviewing approaches as we wrap up. Plus, I’ll provide a powerful opportunity assessment tool to help you evaluate and negotiate the offers that are sure to come.

In each phase, I’ll guide you forward with ease and purpose—and without you ever feeling overwhelmed or alone. And no matter in what direction your vision takes you, we will customize the program to suit your needs.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have restored your confidence, and your resilience will be bulletproof.

You can make this transformation happen in just four months.

(that’s only 120 days!) …

How It Unfolds

Here’s how the program will unfold:

  • We’ll meet one-on-one via Zoom eight times (about twice a month) to move through each program phase. The week between each meeting allows you to implement and integrate the work you do along the way. 
  • You’ll access all course materials from my online portal, including videos, activities, journals, and more. I will guide you on when to access each, so you’ll never have to guess what to do next.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to join my private, clients-only Facebook group, to meet and get support from other like-minded and up-minded women.

You may still be stuck in a rut worrying about whether you have time for this. Or you might be thinking that you know something has to change but wonder if this time will be different.  

Let me ask you a question about your time. How many more years do you have to waste on a career that isn’t fulfilling, zaps your energy, and causes you to question your value? Do you want to put a stop to that?

The approach we take together is simple, and the outcome for you is transformational.

Imagine yourself four months from now, when…  

  • You know exactly what you want to do next. 
  • You’re now on a career path that excites you. 
  • Aligned career opportunities are showing up for you.
  • You exude confidence.
  • Decisions are easy to make because you know who you are and what you value most.

In just four months, as you develop your roadmap, you’ll be implementing new ideas as your vision unfolds. As obstacles arise — and you know they will — imagine being equipped to handle them confidently because you’ve transformed, and you’re filled with new skills you’ll continue to use for the rest of your life. 

I’m so excited for you to take the next steps on your journey, and it would be an honor to be your trusted guide.

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