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Does Your Confidence Decide to Take a Hike When You Need it the Most?

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You’re not alone. When it’s a temporary dip, it’s not a big deal. But, when your faith and belief in yourself is gone for too long, that’s when your life really starts being impacted. It’s time to do something about that.

Confidence is one of those slippery qualities. We have it at times when we’re doing something we’re good at. Then, it seems to slink away as soon as self-doubt starts creeping in.


If we haven’t met yet, I’m María Tomás Keegan, a certified career strategist and life coach for women who are going through a rough patch (what I call an “upside-down time”) in life and looking for answers. 

Lack of confidence is often at the core of the struggle to find solutions. Because so many of my clients deal with this, I wanted to share this free training module called 14 Ways to Boost Your Confidence to help you too.

In this 40-minute FREE training, you’ll discover:

  • The biggest difference between you and the most confident person you know.
  • My top 14 ways to build your confidence skills, and
  • The “test > practice > adapt-method” to hone your new expertise.



The video and workbook you will download offer ideas, insights, and strategies to help you regain your confidence and sense of competence.

The pathway to a confident career and life is littered with false starts and abandoned hopes and dreams. All too many women have “moments” of clarity about starting fresh or making a brave change, only to abandon them when the fear sets in or the skills to move forward seem out of reach.

The truth is no one is born knowing how to be confident. We have role models for that, and without one, you may be too close to it to see the path for yourself.

I am that leader for my clients. Together, we’ll unpack the mess you’re in and rebuild your life. This training is an excellent starting point.

Self-confidence, self-respect, and resilience stop being words in your vocabulary and become the words you live your life by.

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