Karen M. Winkelman

This is a different kind of story about loss. The loss of identity, due to an unexpected corporate downsizing. The loss of confidence. The loss of a sense of personal value. Can you relate to any of this?

Karen shares a vulnerable story of taking the layoff personally, feeling like it crushed her soul, and tells about how deferring the emotions came back to bite her in a big way. I invite you to watch …

Christy Demetrakis

Christy Demetrakis is an author who writes about fear and how we can conquer it. She calls it an A.R.T. In this 4-part series of chats she shares her heartfelt and practical approach which we can easily implement for ourselves. I invite you to watch …

Lois Carrier-Maurice

Lois is a Certified Financial Planner who is uniquely qualified to educate us on this topic of money. Her diverse background and experience offer interesting insights about women and how we think about money.

Raquel Perez

Raquel Perez is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner whose life transition taught her a lot about self-care. After being shot in the line of duty as a police officer, she nearly lost her life. She did lose her career and the life she had known. Her long recovery took her to the depths of despair and her tenacity and courage brought her back up.

Victoria Trafton

In this video, we speak with guest expert Victoria Trafton. Victoria is a Women’s Confidence Coach. In her spare time, she is a sought-after trainer, speaker, mentor, facilitator, and business consultant. Her passion is bringing out the best in women so they can make their unique contribution to the world, especially when they face life transitions that rock their personal world.