Too small. Unimportant. Without power or influence. Meaningless. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of feeling insignificant.

Everyone has momentary lapses, wondering do I matter? Does anyone notice? Am I making a difference? Does what I do matter?

This sense of smallness hits me most when I’m in a crowded place, like an airport, where no one knows who I am. Or, when I stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, gazing in awe. Just stand outside on a dark, clear night, and look upward to the stars.  That will make anyone feel insignificant. It’s normal to have these reflections at times.

But when it becomes a frequent visitor to your innermost thoughts, it’s time to take notice. Then, you get to choose to change how you think.

What might trigger the feeling? Depression can blow out of proportion feelings of being worthless or nonessential. Low self-esteem is another culprit for feeling insignificant. You might also be playing the comparison game—which is an excellent way to trivialize yourself and your life. How much do you compare yourself to others?

Fear and uncertainty can soon follow when you look around and imagine everyone else is doing better than you. What if the truth is, they are looking back and thinking the same about you?

Whenever you find yourself tired of feeling insignificant, it may be time to shift your thinking and take meaningful actions to lift your spirits and sense of significance.


5 Ways to Create Meaning In Your Life Quickly

  1. Look into the eyes of your loved ones. First, take an inventory of the people you care about you. Then, rattle off their names. Include your family, extended family, friends, colleagues, mentors, people who admire you. When you remind yourself that you hold an important place in other people’s hearts and lives, you’ll start to feel a shift. And, your feelings of insignificance will diminish accordingly.

  3. Help someone else. Now that your support system has reenergized you, who else can you support? Your feelings of insignificance will take a back seat when you reach out to be of service to others. Be a light. They will feel better, and you, in turn, will have made a difference for someone else.

  5. Make a plan for yourself. I know you’ve heard this before, but you might need a reminder when you are feeling insignificant. Decide on something that can move you forward, and then put one foot in front of the other. Take baby steps. Pick a small project that you feel passionate about, or that gets your creative juices flowing. Make it meaningful to you. Then, take the first step. Feel the shift?

  7. Let go of the comparison game. Sometimes, you may look in the mirror and not like who’s looking back. It can trigger the launch of the comparison game. If only I could lose this weight. I wish I had the volume of business that she has. She’s got it made. All of these inner thoughts can derail you. You get to shut them down and replace them with ideas and insights that uplift you instead. For example, if you thought I have different gifts and talents—I’ll focus on those. I’m working hard on improving my health, and I’ll get there. I bring a unique spin on my work that differentiates me. I am not like anyone else. Are you feeling more significant?

  9. Act as if you matter. Look into the mirror and smile. Then, take a deep breath. Put your shoulders back and think about all those people in your life who think you’re pretty terrific. Also, think about those you serve. Know that people depend on you. Wear this knowing like a cloak—it’s your “significance cloak.” Step out into the world and step back into your power—because you matter.

Turning Feelings of Insignificance Around

We all feel the need to belong. So, what does it take to feel significant?

It takes a shift in your thinking—finding a new perspective. Also, it takes a healthy embrace around the fear of the unknown because we can’t always know what we’ll discover on this journey of new thoughts. And then, it takes you doing something different.

Since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result, you will never move beyond your feelings of insignificance unless you change something. What you don’t change, you choose.

From this point, you can do things that positively uplift others so that you can make a difference. Your actions define your impact.

As you lean into this, taking those baby steps, your life, and the value you bring to others will fill you up in more ways than you can imagine. Open yourself to the possibilities.


Take the First Step

If you feel insignificant today and want to feel like you matter, I’d like to help you. You may not like who’s looking back in the mirror or even know who you are anymore.  Making choices to move beyond feelings of insignificance can be challenging, and getting some guidance may be just what you need.

Let’s have a chat and talk about how to get you to the other side so you can live a life you love, and it will love you back.  Request your chat with María.