A friend of mine read the text on a card I made for my husband and asked if I would send it to her.  It occurred to me that others may find these words resonate, as well.  It has to do with perfection.  I’m a “recovering perfectionist” myself so these words come from the heart.

“Having a happy marriage doesn’t mean life is perfect – at least not all the time. 

To me it means we’ve laughed more than we’ve cried, celebrated more than we’ve worried and loved each other through everything.  It means there’s a trust between us that’s been built with time and commitment and more than a little sacrifice.  Most of all, it means we have a lot of things to be proud of – and still more to look forward to.”

Does this sound like perfection?

I can’t take credit for these words – I found them in a card-making software package I have.  I do take credit for sharing them with my partner at a time when we both needed to be reminded that ‘perfection in life’ is an oxymoron.

Life, if lived to its fullest, is a rollercoaster of hills and valleys, fast starts and hard stops, sharp turns to the left and mind-altering twists to the right.  Then there are those upside-down moments when you think your life is over as you know it – and all of a sudden, you gently slow down and ease into your destination with an enormous sigh of relief.  Whew!  I made it!

And then you realize that all that time, through all those twists and turns, someone you care deeply about was holding your hand and arrived at that same destination by your side.  It likely means that during that ride you were forced together at times and torn apart at other times; that you nodded in agreement sometimes and then violently disagreed; that you feel rich and healthy now but poor and ill back then.  It’s not perfection but – it is life.

That someone who was on the rollercoaster with you could be your life’s partner, as in my case, or a dear friend or family member.  Whoever it is for you, turn to them at some point soon and say, “thank you for taking the ride with me.”

Opening up that conversation can be a bonding experience.  When you talk about the shared journey, and how you both have come through it relatively unscathed and still together, can put life’s trials and tribulations into perspective.  It allows you to share feelings and desires and fears as you approach the rest of your ride, with eyes wide open.  And, as your ride continues remember that it won’t be perfection – it will be life!

Make this your day … Explore ~ Dream ~ Discover!


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