Have you ever come to a point in your life where you notice you keep making the same choices over and over—and they aren’t working for you anymore (perhaps not for a long time)? 

You’re not alone.  I’ve been in that boat, too.  If you’re still in that boat, or know someone who is, my next guest has a story that will make you think about making some changes that will serve you better.

This inspiring conversation is with Clarisse Ringwald, who lived her life by all the old rules taught to her when she was young.  She didn’t realize how much those beliefs and role models would influence her choices and decisions and become a repeating pattern that led her to unsuccessful marriages, depression, and unhappiness.

The lessons she learned on the road to finding her hidden harmony are golden nuggets of wisdom.  She will help many women who struggle with repeating negative patterns find a new perspective.

I invite you to watch our video conversation, Finding My Hidden Harmony,  on RHGTV Network—the Empowered Connections Channel…  

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Clarisse Ringwald: Finding My Hidden Harmony


Finding My Hidden Harmony: Clarisse Ringwald