Divorce - not one, but two

What I Learned From Divorce

Not just one divorce, but two.  I’d like to share an essay I wrote that was recently published in BetterAfter50.com.

I was the first in my family to be divorced. It took me six months to muster the courage to tell them the marriage was over. I’ll never forget what my father asked me once I finally told him that Stephen and I were getting a divorce: “What did you do wrong?”

And that was after I told him that Stephen had cheated on me.

I felt betrayed by my father and, on the other hand, like I had failed him. I was raised to be the dutiful wife.

After being single for a while, I felt ready for another relationship. I dated several guys and determined they didn’t meet my new standard.  

Then I met Michael … for the rest of the story, click here.

From my heart to yours …
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María Tomás-Keegan

María is a certified Life Transitions Coach and Mentor for Women, specializing in Divorce Recovery. She brings her multi-faceted 20+ year corporate experience as a coach, mentor, consultant and marketing manager to bear in her coaching practice. Her specialty is working with professional women who put on a mask every day pretending they're okay, while deep inside they're not. María's programs and coaching techniques help women get back in touch with their true self so they can live their lives by design, rather than by default. María is founder and "Chief Inspiration Officer" at SafeHarbor Coaching, LLC.

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