Have you ever met someone whose spirit engages you in the most incredible ways?  I’ve met just such a person.  She lifts my own spirit every time we chat … she always shares something that touches my heart … and she mirrors back to me all the good things she sees.  She is the kind of person EVERYONE would be blessed to know. 


So here is my gift to you:  Let me introduce Sherry Richert Belul

A gift from the heart

Sherry Richert Belul

Sherry is a writer, a speaker and a creative soul.  The banner on her Facebook group page says, “Joy is a practice.  Seek and create extraordinary moments.”  It’s how she lives her life.  Are you beginning to see why everyone should know someone like Sherry?

One of Sherry’s extraordinary gifts to others is her ability to create (and show us how to create for ourselves) heart-felt gifts from ordinary things.  For instance, she teaches us how to make “Love Lists” —  a simple concept with massive impact. 

I created my first Love List for my husband’s birthday.  I have to tell you, I felt incredibly inspired, as well as warm and fuzzy, as I made it — say nothing of the reaction I got when he received it!  Since then I’ve created others for close family and friends — they are amazing gifts of love to be cherished forever. 

Love Lists are so simple to make and mean so much.  If you’d like to download a free Love List ready-made gift to simply print out, fill out and give out, click here: http://www.simplycelebrate.net/love.  See what I mean — Sherry really does make it easy.


Gifts from the Heart

This is the perfect season for me to share my friend Sherry with you.  She’s a gift that keeps on giving!  And, as you create and give your own gifts from the heart, whether for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations or for no special occasion at all (those every day reasons to celebrate life), you will be sharing gifts that keep on giving your love.

When you stop by her website  (http://www.simplycelebrate.net/) you will learn about her Celebration Tribute Books and have a chance to read her blog, which offers loads of other creative gift-giving ideas.  Her Pinterest boards will delight you and spawn lots of great ideas for yourself.  She also wrote a gift-giving eBook called, Present Perfect with 127 special ideas for you.  And there are lots more treasures to find on her website — most importantly, you’ll get a sense of who Sherry is and why I think she’s so special.


When life serves you lemons …

Why am I telling you about Sherry?  Because, especially at this time of year, when we have been through tough times — deep losses, major changes and a rollercoaster of emotions — finding someone to uplift us is important.  I want you to meet Sherry because she shares her own story freely so we can learn about the choices that have made a difference for her.  We can learn, as she did, to choose joy over depression and live by celebration instead of with melancholy.

Every day is a new day to practice Joy and Celebration.  I encourage you to visit with Sherry and feel her spirit.  Get ideas from Sherry and make some gifts from your heart — see how it makes you feel.  Then, give them to those you love and see how it makes them feel!  I’m certain the experience will leave you changed in the very best way possible.

From my heart to yours — Merry Christmas!

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