Fear of writing can be overcome; one toe at a time

Have no fear – dip your toe in!

Do you wonder whether you have anything meaningful to share with others?  Does your fear of writing hold you back because you don’t see yourself as an expert?  Do you fear being judged?

Join the club … that’s exactly how I felt.  I could not imagine that anyone would want to hear my story, let alone might learn from my experiences moving through life’s challenges.  That is, until I started to write about my thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs and others started to comment on them.  I’m new at this but, it was an awakening – and I learned from the people who wrote back that they appreciated the expression of my experiences and added something in return.

I have learned that everyone has a story to tell and that story may help another person move more easily through their own trial or tribulation.  There is great value in that.  The story can be simple or complex.  It can be a quiet tale or one told with great flare.  It can be an easy story to tell or one that is gut-wrenching, but cathartic.  I don’t think it matters what the story is about; there will be someone who needs to hear it.

As I read blogs and discussion group posts, many people are posing questions and hoping to get a response.  Perhaps someone out there is reading something I have written and it sounds like their own situation — maybe they get some sage advice from it or they feel I can empathize with them and they know they’re not alone.

When I read a post that resonates with me now, I try to respond to say, “I hear you” or “I’ve been there … here’s something I learned that might work for you” or “I recently read something that might help you and here’s the link.”

In a very big way, it makes me feel good to know that I might be helping someone else get through their struggle or successfully overcome some fear or that they just heard from someone who cares and is ready to listen.  Getting over my fear of writing and fear that no one will read what I write — or care that I wrote it — was the key to opening the door for me to meeting new people and having new experiences.

So, if you’ve been holding yourself back from writing and you worry that no one will care what you have to say, give it a try — put your toe in the water.  Start by reading what others write and comment on how their story resonates with you or write about your different point of view on the subject.  If the same thing happens for you that happened for me, eventually you’ll find yourself writing about a lot of things that you never imagined anyone would care to read.  Fear not! And welcome to the world of blogging!

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