In working with clients through significant life events that rock their world, I see first-hand how their perspective can dictate the outcome of their circumstances. When they make a shift to a new attitude, everything can change.

Here’s a case in point. Jen was going through a horrible divorce from a man who abused her on many levels. She knew it was time to leave, but was scared and had no idea where she would go or how she would support herself and her young daughter. All Jen could see is how bad things were, which colored her thoughts, words, and actions. Her outlook on life was very pessimistic.

At first, Jen allowed the fear to overtake her so that she couldn’t see anything good ahead of her. Once she found a safe place to stay where she didn’t feel threatened, Jen began to see possibilities. It took her some time, but the distance from her toxic environment helped her clear the way to see things differently.

As soon as her life started to fall into place, Jen began to embody a new, more positive attitude. This shift helped her to face the challenges of her divorce head-on. With her changed perspective, she discovered creative solutions to raise her daughter as a co-parent and found a job that allowed her to support them.

Life-changing events were happening for Jen—no question. And she started by facing them from the ‘whoa-is-me’ point of view. With a little bit of help, Jen chose to leave the victim behind and step into her next chapter with a new attitude, which helped her adapt positively to the change in her life.


A Positive Attitude is Infectious

I’m sure you can think of many instances where someone you know was going through a terrible situation, yet every time you saw them, there was a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s like a yawn—I smile back.

My dear friend, John, had more significant health issues than I can list, all of which were related to metastasizing cancer. Even though he suffered through several major surgeries and recovered from most, his life’s mission was to make sure everyone else was happy. He never complained.

It has been many years since he passed away, yet I still remember my friend’s positive attitude. Even though he’s no longer among us, he is still a role model for me and a shining example of how to live life well.

I learned from John that, with a positive attitude, you get more enjoyment from what you do.  You are happier overall, and you’re likely to be more successful. When you move through each day as an optimist, it shows in your behavior and actions.

A recent guest on my podcast has an amazing outlook that brings this point home.  Her perspective on life allows her to persevere and play full out.

As though you are a mirror for someone else, your positive attitude is the reflection they see. Your smile, your laugh, your kindness become contagious.

Jim Carrey said, “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” When your positive attitude rubs off on someone else, you’ve given a great gift, and you can make a difference for someone else.

So, be careful what you reflect.


A New Attitude and Adapting to Change

You’ve heard it said many times, I’m sure. What we think about we bring about.

I love the way John Mitchell put it, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”  Put another way; we reap what we sow.  There are many sayings, mottoes, and adages that remind us that a positive attitude can take us down an easier path.

We all develop our life perspectives through experiences and relationships, and you can choose to change your views along the way. The choices you make will help or hinder you as you move through the highs and lows of life.

Your attitude, positive or negative, will dictate how you manage emotional ebbs and flows, like worry, fear, and panic. How you cope with adversity will depend on your perspective because it directs your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the energy you bring to every situation.

The bottom line is, you have total control of your attitude. You can let it support you or sabotage your every move.

What you can’t control are the things that change around you. Change is a law of life, and learning to adapt to it is a choice. When things change and turn your world upside down, you get to decide whether you will approach it with optimism or the opposite.

Would a new attitude help you manage better and adapt to the changes in your life? Know this: it is possible to develop a positive attitude, and you don’t have to take on the job alone. Ask for help.


Take the First Step

Do you need an attitude adjustment?  If you are facing adversity and living with uncertainty about how to move beyond it, you may wonder if it’s even possible.  Making choices that move you forward can be challenging, and getting some guidance may be just what you need.  Start by exploring how change can impact you. And learn how to move through it with more dignity and grace by reading my free ebook, then let’s have a chat.  Click here to take the first step: From Darkness to Light: Learning to Adapt to Change and Move Through Transition.