One of the things I’m known for is my calming voice and my ability to inspire people to take actions that will move them out of their rut and in the direction of their dreams. 

I’ve found myself in need of my own “medicine” recently as I’ve made some significant choices about how I want to serve women through my coaching practice.

These changes have led to some unsettling and heavy feelings inside me, because I’m moving out of my comfort zone. I recognize my need for inspiration and direction.  As I was thinking about how to find calm inspiration for myself, I thought it might help me (and you) if I shared my experience.  Sometimes, writing helps to make thoughts and feelings more touchable.


We’re not meant to do this alone

I’m working with a coach to help me focus on what my own “inner wisdom” is saying to me.  It’s what I teach my clients to do … get calm and listen to their own internal guidance system — it’s the best direction we can get.  Having a coach to help me get back in touch with my own personal guide has been an enormous help.  We’re not meant to do this all alone, right?


Images are powerful tools

Google is a great resource to find inspiring images.  I just found the perfect picture to assist me in finding my calm inspiration. To be sure it’s readily accessible to me, I bookmarked the site so I could go back and look at it whenever I need to get calm and be inspired. I also printed it so I could keep it where I’ll see it often.

calm inspiration

put yourself in your own image to get calm inspiration

Images of sunsets over the water are very soothing for me.  As I look at my favorite image, I breathe deeply, relax my shoulders, release the tension in my jaw and let calm energy emanate from my body.  As I look at the picture, I feel the warmth of the waning sun, feel the breeze off the ocean and bury my toes in the cool, wet sand as I sit on the edge of the rock.  I listen to the waves gently wash the beach as they leave white foam in their wake. 

What images help you to go to a place that calms?


The calm inspiration method  

As I continue to breathe deeply, I can feel the tension leave my neck and my shoulders.  I let the distractions go — turn off eMail, Facebook notifications, close my door.  There it is — the calm feeling. 

Now I can listen more intently to my inner voices and let them guide me.  What will they tell me?  How will they inspire me?  I need to get back to my inner wisdom now so I can listen and take their guided action.  I’m inspired to find out!


How can you find your own calm inspiration? 

If you’d like help to find what will inspire you to be the best you can be, I’d be honored to help.  Request a complimentary Breakthrough Discovery Session and let’s see what we can do together.  I know this approach works.  Reach out so you can experience the power for yourself.


Make this your day ~~~ Explore  …  Dream  …   Discover!

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