What does it mean to “burst into bloom?”   To me it means that I feel overjoyed by something.  Something I’ve accomplished or created or nurtured has turned out well.

When I “do what I love and love what I do” there is nothing that can stand in the way of my progress.  When I “work” day after day after day after day there is no doubt in my mind that something good will happen.  

Even when things are not turning out perfectly, there is a lesson in that for me.  I’d prefer to see what I can learn from it so I can do it better next time, rather than let the ‘speed bump’ stop me in my tracks.  That’s just a choice I make for myself.

It’s the same way with personal development, growth, transition and monumental life changes.  You always have choices.  Even when you feel mired under the weight of it all, when the decisions are hard and you can’t see the bridge that will take you to the opposite side of that raging riverif you can see the lesson in the situation, there is possibility for you to burst into bloom.


Stopped in My Tracks

Just this weekend I was thrown for a loop by something I thought was behind mea long-time friend and I chose to part company several months ago.

Things changed between us and it became impossible to be kind and loving. Instead we became hurtful and resentful.  It no longer served either of us well to continue on that wayso we said ‘goodbye.’  

It did not end well. It was painful.  I felt like a piece of me was torn away because she was always someone I could count on, and she could count on me.

Over the months I prayed for her and for me.  I learned to forgive her and to forgive meand I let her go with love.  I found some peace after a time.

Then, I got a message from her on social media that was very hurtful. It knocked the wind out of my sailsfor a bit.  I thought we had both blocked our views of each other on social media so something like this wouldn’t happen but, I don’t make those rules.  

It was so unexpected and obviously intended to hurt me that I stumbled backwards.  Things certainly weren’t “turning out perfectly.”


So Where is the Lesson?

After spending an evening thinking about nothing butand talking with a friend about how I was feeling, I realized that I had done the best I could do.  

And that’s all I can expect of myself.  I have no control over her anger or her hurtful actions.  For me, forgiving her and forgiving myself was the best way to move on.

Just then, I saw a post by one of the ladies in my Facebook group called Thrive after Divorce: Your Journey Begins.  She posted this: “Sometimes when one door closes, you need to nail a board over it.”  And then, another group member agreed and added that we could choose to paint or weave a beautiful tapestry on that boardone that shares and honors the beautiful memories and the lessons learned.

Show up for life, Burst into Bloom


Burst into Bloom

I love that idea.  I’m ready to burst into bloomagain.  I’m working on that tapestry. It’s a work in progress.  

I love the creative nature of that workremembering the best times, recounting the times when I was taught something, reveling in the beauty of the relationship that was so special for so long.  

I’m sad it’s over.  I’m happy it happened.  I get to move on by working day after day on my lovely tapestry.

Do you have a tapestry you can weave or paint over a door that has closed?

From my ‘blooming’ heart to yours with warm {{{hugs}}} …

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P.S.  If you’re a divorced professional woman and would like to share about the door that has closed and the tapestry you are weaving, as well as to get support for that journey you’re on, please join the conversation in our exclusive, by-invitation-only Facebook group called Thrive after Divorce: Your Journey Begins.