Although the year is not yet over, it’s amazing to me how quickly this year, in particular, has gone by. 2018 has been a year packed with caregiving (my primary role), building my business, networking, writing and now, authoring a new book.


Birthing a Book

Although it may not be as physically painful, I think I now know something about what it’s like to wait nine months to birth a child.

Nine months ago, I was challenged by a workshop attendee to write a book. As she was considering what it would be like to work with me as her coach, she was afraid of what it would take to dig deep and explore new possibilities. She said, “María, I wish you would write a book. I can put the book down when it gets too hard or I need more time to work through something. I can’t hire you to coach me and take all the time in the world to move through my stuff.”

She had a point.

And she got me wondering, ”How many other women going through transitional times feel the same way?” I took a very unscientific poll — while networking and within my Facebookgroup — and heard from other women that reading a book is one of their favorite ways to explore deep subjects around personal growth. That evidence was enough to put me on a journey to write the book that has become Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph.

I’m so excited to share that the digital version of the book will come into this world “by cesarean section,” through Amazonon October 2nd. Save that date, because all my family, friends and followers will be able to get it for a special pre-order price before then. Then, on October 25th, she will have fully matured and I will push her into the world as a grown-up print version.

I waste no time with my children. They have to grow up very fast so I can push them out of the nest and move on to the next project of birthing (With that attitude, it’s no wonder the Good Lord thought it best I skip motherhood and go right on to grandmother-hood, thanks to my HeartMate husband, Jim.).


All kidding aside, this project has very special meaning

This book is a first on several fronts. It is my first solo book project. I’ve been privileged to contribute to four collaborative projects with 14 to 40 other authors, two of which happened this year—it’s The Year of the Book. I also co-wrote another book with a colleague a couple years ago on how to attract your HeartMate. All of these were wonderful experiences that set the stage for me to fly solo.

It is also the first time I’ve shared so much of my own story. The chapters, articles and blog posts I’ve written over the years have pieces of me in them. This book starts with a very personal journey and walks through what I experienced as the phases of transition. From the ugly beginning to the joyful end, and everything in between. From wearing a mask pretending I was okay, to the gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster, to embracing the change and exploring new possibilities.

Writing this book also gave me the opportunity to tell other women’s stories of life turning them upside down. You’ll read how they navigated their way through till they righted themselves again. Whether the life event was divorce, loss of a loved one, caregiving or career upheaval, these stories have the power to resonate and help other women get through their journey with more ease and grace, knowing they are not alone.

And in Part Three, I share the tools and techniques I’ve learned along my journey—the 5 Petals of Power—that women can put in their own treasure chest to pull out the next time life turns their world upside down. These 5 Petals of Power make the book one to reference any time she needs a reminder of how valuable she is, how to make choices and decisions easier, and how creating a powerful roadmap can become the motivation she needs to put the pieces of her world together again in a new way.


It starts with intention

My intention from the beginning was to create a resource for women who are strong and successful, yet feel unsteady when life events knock them off their foundation. It doesn’t mean they are weak—it means they are human. And many women believe they have to be super-human and handle these transitional times all by themselves.

I’m here to tell you all: it’s so much easier when you share the burden with others who have been where you are. This book is my way of showing all women that many of us have been there, too, and there are ways to make the journey easier—especially when you reach out and take someone’s hand to lift you up.

If reading a book first is your way to explore new ideas for personal growth, Upside Down to Right Side Up: Turning Transition into Triumph will be a wonderful addition to your collection.