What will you do for yourself today that will set you up for a fantastic week? My intention is to take a lavender bath this evening, listen to my favorite music and go to bed early.



Recently I talked about how we can all embrace change and what it takes to embrace changes big and small. One word that comes to mind is flexibility. This means:

The capacity to bend without breaking.

The willingness to change or be changed so you can adapt to new circumstances.

Having an open mind so you can consider new ideas, withhold judgment and allow things to unfold.

Going with the flow … letting the current guide you and not fighting to swim upstream.

Sometimes, it’s not so easy to do these things when a life event turns your world upside down. Sometimes you may feel broken by the situation—making it hard to be flexible. Sometimes when a change happens your natural instinct is to fight it tooth and nail. Sometimes you are so set in your ways—habits and beliefs are firmly rooted—it feels like there is no way you can consider something different. Sometimes, paddling upstream seems like the natural thing to do.


What if it could be different?

What if you could prepare yourself in advance of the next life-changing event, whatever it might be, so that you can be flexible?

A friend of mine, Cyndee Harding, is a Certified Safety Instructor teaching people how to be safe and have situational awareness. She says this: “The body cannot do what the mind has not considered.” That certainly applies in her field, helping people to consider ‘what if’ scenarios and preparing in advance how they will respond so they are safe.

It strikes me that this wisdom can be applied to any life event, even transitions. So, I share it with you to consider.

What could you do to be prepared for your next life-changing event?