What comes to you when you think about the word “heal?”

You may immediately think of something physical, like a broken bone, a burn or cut.  I’d like you to think a bit deeper than that.  Think about your life.  Think about your relationships –  with people, with your work, with yourself.  Are there any things in those areas that could use some attention?  When encouraged to dig deep, I found some areas to heal for myself.

I just spent an enlightening and thought-provoking two days at an event called “Prosper 2014,” facilitated by Sharon Hess, an intuitive money healer, among many other gifts she brings to the world.  I honestly didn’t know what I was signing up for when a friend asked me to go to this event with her.  I quickly realized that it was exactly where I needed to be.

When I got home, I shared with my husband my experiences at this event and it got me to thinking I want to write about it and share it with you.  So, I got a good night’s sleep then sat at my computer to write my thoughts.  

What does the word “heal” mean? 

The first thing I did was look up the definition of “heal” which drove it home for me, personally, and reinforced how important it is to heal.

Heal (hēl) – verb:  become sound or healthy again; alleviate (a person’s distress or anguish); correct or put right (an undesirable situation).

Synonyms: make better, restore to health, recover, mend, improve, repair, remedy, resolve

Origin: Germanic – Old English – restore to sound health

Restore to sound health.  That could encompass a lot of areas of our lives – physical health, emotional health, spiritual health among them.  Each one of those aspects of health come into play as change happens in our lives.

Heal thyself? 

It is hard to go though major changes in life – it takes awareness and commitment.  And, as I was reminded countless times at this weekend’s event, we are not meant to do it alone.

As I think about my own transitions, I realize that I have worked hard to heal from two divorces and mourning the loss of both my parents, two very close friends and several beloved pets.  I’ve also recovered from an unexpected layoff and forced early retirement.  I’ve resolved the anguish and distress that comes with making a choice to relocate across the country, which created huge cultural and lifestyle shifts for me.  I had a great support team to help me through each transition.

And, I was reminded this weekend that this process to heal is on-going.  Just as I think I’m feeling pretty good about things, shift happens, and I’m off on another transition in my life. And, more than likely, something will come up that requires my attention to heal.  That’s just the way it is.

Making the choice to heal

Take this next phase of my life, for example.  I have moved out of the corporate world, where I’ve been coaching and mentoring for 20+ years, into the world of entrepreneurship, coaching women in transition.  This major change requires me to heal any self-limiting beliefs that “I’m not good enough to compete in this market” or “I’m not smart enough to start and sustain my own small business” or “What makes me think I’ve got something unique to share that can alleviate someone else’s distress or anguish?”  Do you have any of those self-limiting beliefs?  If you do, there is something you can work to heal, too.  Making the choice to do it is the first step.

This quote that I heard at the Prosper event by Wallace Wattles, from “The Science of Getting Rich,” hit home for me.  “… You should make the most of yourself, for yourself and for others; and you can help others more by making the most of yourself than in any other way.”

That quote now motivates me to keep moving forward on my mission to heal my own self-limiting beliefs. To think BIG in my business.  To build a coaching practice that goes beyond the one-on-one coaching that I’ve done for years.  To broaden my reach to many more women who want the guidance of a compassionate, transition-experienced coach.

By making the most of myself, I am able to help others more … and I’m able to help more women.  My deep desire and intention is to share my gifts with more women who want help to heal from their divorce or loss of loved ones; to recover from unexpected changes like layoff; to make a smooth shift when relocation or retirement happen; and, to find the calm in their noisy world so they can tap into their inner wisdom, make sound choices and step into their next chapter with grace.

Healing in progress.  Intention expressed.  Ready.  Set.  Go.  What do you need to heal?


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