“From Resilience to Brilliance” Author Interviews

Paddy Rasmussen

Join me as I talk with Paddy Rasmussen.

It’s life changing when we lose a spouse suddenly. The compound effect of losing a father within months could take one to her knees.

In this three-part series, Paddy tells us how the events of this transition unfolded, leaving her alone as a single parent, and how she moved her way out of the waiting room. Many women will resonate with the lessons she learned that help her even today. I invite you to watch …

Cindy Martel-Brown

Join me as I talk with Cindy Martel-Brown.

Fear is real and it can cause us to freeze right where we are. Cindy recalls feeling afraid as early as five years old. It has daunted her life since, right up to writing her chapter for this book. In this three-part series, Cindy shares her story, what she did to overcome her fear and the lessons she learned that help her today. These are sure to help many others. I invite you to watch …

María Tomás-Keegan

Join Guest Host, Susan F. Moody as she turns the table and interviews María

We each experience loss differently and in a very personal way. In this interview, María shares her journey, starting at the tender age of 13.

As another collaborative author in the book, From Resilience to Brilliance, María, talks about what she’s learned, so her next experiences with loss are a bit easier and more graceful.

Anita Miranda

This was an interview that left me wondering how much can one young person take? She was left to be raised by someone else, put in foster care, abused and disabled by PTSD. Yet she learned hard life lessons and her spirit won out. Anita has redefined herself and is an inspiration for others. She now refers to herself as “differently abled.”

I invite you to watch my chat with Anita to learn how she turned her life around.

Cyndee Harding

What would you do if you were suddenly confronted with a dangerous situation? Fight? Flight? Or freeze? Cyndee Harding shares her own story and reveals another option for us to consider.

I invite you to watch my chat with her to learn what that option is and how you can make a different choice, too.

Regina Thomas

If you’ve ever been betrayed by people you thought respected you and had your back, you may understand completely how Regina Thomas felt when it happened to her. The gut-wrenching part is that the betrayal came on the heels of losing her son in a tragic accident. How much can one woman take?

Regina found four cornerstones that helped her rise up again. They are all “F” words (and it’s not what you might be thinking).

What do you suppose they are? I invite you to find out …

Tamara Parisio

As I talked with Tamara about her story, she revealed a remarkable approach to dealing with being an introvert, wishing situations in her life had gone differently and overcoming her trepidations about her divorce and becoming a single parent. How did she do that?

Her methods are simple. Tamara’s results allowed her to step into the role of leading lady in her own life.

Donna Sparaco

My conversation with Donna opened my eyes and my heart to a new perspective on moving through grief. Her deliberate choices which moved her through the loss of her husband, are uplifting. As she experienced despair, overwhelm and overload, and realized her need to change, Donna began to look for where her husband still was, rather than where he wasn’t. Hers is a unique approach to loss and grief I think you’ll want to hear.

Veronica Clark

Veronica shares a heart-wrenching story of sexual abuse from a very young age. She felt broken and damaged She numbed herself, and buried her past so she could create a perfect present—until her past came home to roost and became her undoing. This is a story of hitting bottom, muddling through those buried emotions before she could rise above and turn coal into gold.

Karen Winkelman

This is a different kind of story about loss. The loss of identity, due to an unexpected corporate downsizing. The loss of confidence. The loss of a sense of personal value. Can you relate to any of this?

Karen shares a vulnerable story of taking the layoff personally, feeling like it crushed her soul, and tells about how deferring the emotions came back to bite her in a big way. I invite you to watch …

Leeanne Gardner

When something of significance is ripped away from her at the tender age of 15, Leeanne learned to withhold trust, build an impenetrable wall and rely on her own resources to make a success of herself. She calls it living in the grey zone.

Leeanne shares how she lost her passion, replaced it with hard work and rediscovered that passion in a big way. She moved from grey to beautiful technicolor. It’s an inspiring story. I invite you to watch …

Susan Moody

There are all kinds of loss in our lives. Loss of people. Loss of pets. Loss of careers, to name a few. Susan shares how the loss of one of her businesses nearly broke her entrepreneurial spirit. And how this failure gave her a new perspective, turning failure into feedback. I invite you to watch …