As I talked with Tamara about her story, she revealed a remarkable approach to dealing with being an introvert, wishing situations in her life had gone differently and overcoming her trepidations about her divorce and becoming a single parent. How did she do that?

Her methods are simple. Tamara’s results allowed her to step into the role of leading lady in her own life.

Many women will resonate with this story and be inspired by the courage. In this 3-part series of chats with Michelle Buonincontri, she’ll share how she stayed in a loveless marriage for the sake of her children, was marginalized by her own attorney, turned her pain into purpose, and so much more.

Elizabeth Westby specializes in Family Law, Estate Planning and Probate. She describes her primary role as a resource for her clients to guide them to make the best decisions for their unique circumstances.

In this video, we speak with ShaRon Rea. ShaRon is an author, inspirational speaker and founder of “The Whole Family Coaching.” ShaRon educates and inspire parents and children to live together with love, respect and cooperation. She’s a compassionate and skilled expert in parenting solutions for parents raising teens co-parenting after divorce and for every caregiver committed to raising happy well-adjusted children.of the conversation.

In this video, we speak with guest expert Paddy Rasmussen. Paddy is a re-creation specialist with a unique approach to helping people move forward after a major life transition like the loss of a loved one, divorce or need to relocate or downsize. Her company is called “New Beginnings,” and as an interior designer, who has been through many transitions of her own, she has created a step-by-step process to help others through their transition.

How many of you have found yourself in a pattern of making bad choices one after the other—not learning from the mistakes of the past? I’ve done it. A lot of us do it—without even realizing that we are and why we are. My guest, Murielle Fellous, is going to share a story about her marriage and divorce and how she continued her pattern of picking the wrong men to be in her life. When she finally recognized how this pattern affected her, she started on her own journey of transformation.

Lois is a Certified Financial Planner who is uniquely qualified to educate us on this topic of money. Her diverse background and experience offer interesting insights about women and how we think about money.