Video Interviews

There are many articles written about the “mistakes” made in the divorce. Michelle Buonincontri writes about the “Do’s”. She will help you shift your perspective, suggest new language to use so you can create an experience that is powerful and can be life-changing. Divorce can be one of the greatest growth experiences of your life when you look back if you choose to “see” it that way.

Murielle Fellous is a Relationship and Self-love Coach who has shared with us a bit of her own journey to break the pattern of bad choices in her life.  I hope you watched the short video series in which she is very transparent about what she did and what she learned. Her journey has led to her life’s work, and she shares with us some of her best tips to break the pattern of inviting the wrong people into our lives and how to initiate a change in that pattern for yourself. Her gift is called, “10 Signs He’s Not The One.”

 Christy Demetrakis is offering you an opportunity to read Chapter One of her second book, Faith to Conquer Fear (TM): The Journey.  If you’ve watched at least one of the video chats with Christy, you already know that she shares a practical and heartfelt approach to conquering fear. Her books take you in for a deeper look at her journey and what she learned about conquering fear that can help you.

Raquel Perez is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner whose life transition taught her a lot about self-care. After being shot in the line of duty as a police officer, she nearly lost her life. She did lose her career and the life she had known. Her long recovery took her to the depths of despair and her tenacity and courage brought her back up. She learned how critical it is that we practice self-care every day, and she shares some of her best tips with us in her free gift.

Elizabeth Westby specializes in Family Law, Estate Planning and Probate and her free gift for you may shed some light on things you’ve been thinking about and, perhaps even bring to light things that have not yet occurred to you. She describes her primary role as a resource for her clients to guide them to make the best decisions for their unique circumstances.

Lois is a Certified Financial Planner who is uniquely qualified to educate us on this topic of money. Her diverse background and experience offer interesting insights about women and how we think about money. These 7 Financial Tips for Women in Transition will help you ask better questions of your own trusted advisors, think differently about how you manage your money and shift your attitude if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about the topic.

Victoria is a Women’s Confidence Coach, and uniquely qualified to teach about this topic of self-confidence. Her diverse background and experience in Corporate America and her own entrepreneurial ventures are rich with stories, trials, tribulations and surviving it all, learning about confidence and how to practice it every day.

Paddy Rasmussen is an Interior Designer and Re-creation Specialist at New Beginnings: Helping people move forward with their lives, shares her complimentary 5-step Re-creation Process with you. Download her free gift and learn the steps you can take to start creating your own sanctuary at home, whether you’re staying in your current home or moving to a new space.  It’s important to have a sanctuary to go home to and Paddy can help you make that happen.

ShaRon Rea is a Champion for Outstanding Family Relationships | The Whole Family Coaching offers you help. Download her free gift, Co-parenting Communication Roadblocks, and discover the top ten reasons your former spouse AND your kids will shut down when you talk. What you learn from this will put you back in control of the conversation.