Have you ever pretended at your job or in a relationship that everything is okay, when deep inside it isn’t? I have. It doesn’t feel good. And, my next guest has a story to share about her journey through those feelings and what she did to change them …

This episode’s guest is Dr. Melanie Dunlap.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way.

Dr. Melanie has been touched in a very personal way, and joins me to share her story from diagnosis to recovery.  And there is more … 

This episode is titled Uncertain Grace.

I invite you to watch this inspiring story of her journey through learning to survive cancer on RHGTV Network—the Empowered Connections Channel…  


from Upside Down to Right Side Up: Tips for the Transition

Dr. Melanie Dunlap: Uncertain Grace


Uncertain Grace: Dr. Melanie Dunlap