Valentine’s Day can be tough for some people, especially women going through transitions, I think.  It can be a sad reminder of better times when current times are not going so smoothly.  It can be a reminder that some of us are alone, rather than connected closely with a partner.  It can be cynically thought of as “just another Hallmark holiday.”  So, I’m sending this Valentine’s Butterfly for you.

When I saw the image above this morning, it caught me off guard.  I never expected to see a butterfly captured on a dog’s nose in the first place … and, secondly, certainly not with such a look of utter dog-surprise.  Who was this photographer anyway?  A genius in my book.

To me a butterfly is a symbol for transitions .. and animals, especially dogs and cats, stand for unconditional love.  So, thinking about these two symbols together just put a big smile on my face.  What could be better than going through difficult transitions with unconditional love and support?

As I think back to the days of my toughest transitions — divorce, moving from the Northeast to the Southwest and losing my mother, to name a few — I am so very grateful to have had the support of my family and my friends, and the unconditional love of my pets.

Having a supportive network is the most critical element for successful transitions, in my humble opinion.  Who could be in that network?  It really doesn’t matter who they are or how they may be related to you — it’s only essential that they have your best interests at heart and support you in the most positive ways.

What you don’t need is any additional negativity surrounding you — it’s very likely that you are providing all the negative energy you need right now.  Turning off those internal voices that question your every move is a tough thing to do — so, gather around you all the positive people you can.  And let them in.  Let them help you to navigate through the rocky times.  If this Valentine’s Day was rough for you, make it your goal to make the next one better.

It may be hard to reach that goal all by your lonesome.  There are lots of resources that can help.  As a coach who has a coach, I can vouch for how helpful a coach can be in times of transition.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to someone.  You may be very surprised at the great results you’ll get in relatively short order.  And moving forward, rather than dwelling on the past, is one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences one can have … again, in my humble opinion.

Make this your day … Explore ~ Dream ~ Discover


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