Design A Life You Love That Loves You Back

I know how hard it is to ask for help.  I remember the fragility I felt when significant events shook my foundation and I had to show up anyway.  The masks I wore pretending, “I’m okay,” became the face everyone else saw, while I struggled mightily inside. 

I felt like I had to be superwoman while hurdling over life-changing obstacles. Maybe you feel the same way about the changes you’re going through?


  • Career upheavals and transitions
  • Divorce 
  • Significant losses 
  • Relocation
  • Illness and caregiving
  • Retirement
  • Empty-nest 

Does the people-pleaser in you make these things even harder? 

Here’s what I know for sure: through all the juggling and compromising, something or someone always takes a back seat. 

Usually, it is YOU! 

I know all this because I’ve been there, too. And, I know I’m not alone.

To find a better way and build life skills such as balance, resilience, determination to change, and focus, I’ll show you how to embrace the principles below. 

Values – By refocusing on what you value the most, you create opportunities to make decisions more easily and have less stress in your life. For me, I learned how I compromised my own values to keep peace with my spouse, family, friends, and colleagues. After emotional exhaustion, I integrated my values into every choice I made. I became grounded, and everything changed.

Vision – By creating a vision for your future, you lay a concrete roadmap for what you want to experience in your life and stop leaving all of the golden moments to chance. My vision was clouded by what others wanted from me or for me. Their version of my life wasn’t mine. Creating a crystal-clear vision awakened a different spirit within me. 

Voice – By finding your own voice, you learn not only how to speak up for yourself, but you also learn when you silence your voice and allow others to take advantage of you. For years, I was timid about using my authentic voice. As a result, my self-confidence and self-respect suffered.  I finally understood how to use my voice. Standing in integrity with my values and vision, I discovered the power of my voice.

Passion for Action – By discovering what you’re truly passionate about, you can behave in your own life in ways that are aligned with your greatest good and highest vision for your life. Rooted in my values, my vision was full of beautiful words. But they were just words on a page. When I began to take small steps and let my values and vision influence my voice, passion became action, and I experienced some magical things start to happen.

Today, I teach what I’ve learned.


I inspire women to overcome the “upside downs of life” with resilience and grace.  I call the program 5 Petals of Power where I will teach you to : 

  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Regain confidence
  • Renew spirit

And to find happiness again (maybe even for the first time).

5 Petals of Power.

I created the petals to give you the tools to get you moving. My goal is to help you get into action in your life so this program is designed to motivate and keep you moving in the right direction for your life. There are tools and strategies at each stage that you can adapt to your unique circumstances. It combines the mental, emotional, and actionable energy you need to transition out of the place you are and into a thriving life. When you put them into your own treasure chest, you can access them at any time in the future. 

These tested techniques have helped many women put the pieces of their lives and careers back together again in a new way.

What I know for sure is that life events will continue to happen. When you learn how to handle these events in ways that feel right, you will be prepared for anything life throws at you in the future.

It’s how you step into your power again.


Start From Where You Are Today …

5 Petals of Power is designed to offer transformational experiences that turn you from upside down to right side up, while you reduce the overwhelm, regain your confidence and renew your spirit, so you can clearly see the possibilities your next chapter reveals.

This system will help you to grow—from the inside out.  It will give you permission to nurture yourself with kindness and teach you to thrive. Discover who you are today, so you can move forward from there.

The 5 Petals of Power program flows through five modules, starting with deep self-assessments in Find Your Footing

This is followed by understanding what holds you back from being the best you can be in Clear Your Path. You will identify roadblocks and obstacles which require some focus to move through. 

In Create Your Roadmap, the vision begins, and you learn how to put plans in place to bring the dream into reality. 

If you’ve ever struggled to speak your mind clearly in life or career situations—expressing what you believe and want—you will love the module called Uncover Your Voice. 

And, in You Take Flight, the rubber meets the runway and all the hard work starts to pay off. This is where your passion meets your motivation.

Here is what one client experienced …

Before I met Maria, I was known for starting a project and never completing it.  I made excuses for why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do something, including working with a coach.  I know this kept me from exploring life and what it had to offer. I was stuck just going through the motions.

Working with Maria has given me a new lease on life. I have learned how to value myself and see how others value me in their lives. I have learned that I am just as important as those I help daily and that their needs do not supersede mine.  Most importantly, I have learned how to set goals and complete them. Sometimes we think we know how to truly set and achieve goals but, now I have a clear understanding that makes it easy.

This 5 Petals of Power program has made a difference in my life. I am more open to embrace life in a new way.  Thanks so much, Maria, for taking the time to work with me and for giving me valuable tools I will treasure for years to come.


Learn More About Each Petal of Power

5 Petals of Power is designed to deliver emotional and practical support through self-assessments, activities, coaching, mentoring and accountability.


Be Courageous and Resilient

You’ll learn to elevate your mindset and expand your view of the world as you shift limiting beliefs, so they no longer hold you back.

As you move through each of the 5 Petals of Power program, you’ll be introduced to strategies and techniques that help you adapt to changes. These are changes that naturally occur when you experience major life events that threaten your sense of harmony. 

You’ll be invited to create your own roadmap and implement inspired and passionate action plans that move you forward with ease and grace. The elements of this program are specifically designed so you can move gently yet purposefully through them. All the while, you’ll be making conscious choices that will ignite a fire within and set you on your unique path toward a joy-filled new life.

Just imagine … in a relatively short time, you could make some dramatic changes. You will become more courageous and resilient. Start your next chapter more in control of your destiny and empowered to be your best. That’s what it means to step into your power.


You Are Not Alone.

Find Your Footing



4-Week Comprehensive—Moving Deeper to Find Your Footing


Week 1: What is your transition style? We all have one. You have likely gone through transitions before. Understanding how transitions happen and what your transition style has been in the past will help you learn what has worked for you in the past. Just as important: knowing what hasn’t worked. This will help to ensure a successful transition this time. We’ll explore that—deeply.

Week 2-4: A series of activities and assessments to help you dig deeper into who you are now. When are you at your best? What is your lost dream? Who do you admire? What are your personal interests? Answering these questions will help you to know how you want to show up as you design a new life. Taking the “design” part seriously is your job during this phase.

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Clear Your Path



4-Week Comprehensive—Moving Deeper to Clear Your Path


Weeks 1 & 2: Starts with a comprehensive self-assessment to gain clarity about all areas of your life. You will come away with a deep understanding of where you are today and where you want to be. You will evaluate the level of energy and enthusiasm required to meet your goals, determine the resources you’ll need and begin to outline a workable plan to move each obstacle.

Week 3: What zaps your energy and holds you hostage? Whatever you hold on to the hardest is what you need to let go of the most. We’ll explore the burdens that drain you. You’ll learn how you can release them, so you can get back your energy for more important things—like living your life by choice.

Week 4: What else can hold you back? Beliefs—those things you’ve held onto that someone else taught you and may no longer be true for you today.  Fears—much like beliefs, fears can hold you back from doing something you’ve always wanted to do, and now have an opportunity to do in your new life. But, you’re afraid. Perhaps you believe you can’t do it. Tackling both of these topics makes for a powerful way to step outside your comfort zone and into your power.

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Create Your Roadmap



4-Week Comprehensive—Moving Deeper to Create Your Roadmap


Weeks 1 & 2: The Core Value Assessment is comprehensive and invites you to investigate more than 100 values and rank them from Essential to Not One of Mine. This activity firmly defines the values you choose to live by in your new life. How often have you discovered that you’ve been living by someone else’s rules, compromising your values? Never again. This assessment will make sure of that. You’ll have a powerful checkpoint for every decision you face going forward. I promise.

Weeks 3 & 4: Working on your roadmap is the quintessential activity of this program. So, ensuring your vision is what you want right now is critical. Details are important. Timing is important. Breaking things down into small steps, so you don’t get overwhelmed, is important. Priorities are important. We’ll focus on all those elements of your roadmap so you know what you need to do first, second and third.

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Uncover Your Voice



4-Week Comprehensive—Moving Deeper to Uncover Your Voice


Weeks 1 & 2: What makes you tick? What makes you tick differently than your neighbor, your brother or your spouse? Explore the elements of personality and how understanding why you behave the way you do helps you to speak up authentically and with confidence.

Weeks 3 & 4: Self-talk is a deep subject. How you talk to yourself and the thoughts you think has an enormous influence on what you do. Harness the power of your self-talk, making sure it works in your favor. You will come away with tools and strategies to super-charge your journey. This is pure magic, my friends, and the wind beneath the wings of your roadmap.

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You Take Flight

4-Week Comprehensive—Moving Deeper as You Take Flight


Weeks 1 & 2: In this final Petal of Power, you will learn the benefits of evaluation, unique strategies for prioritization and decision making, and 25 different ways to research your options as you explore the opportunities of your new life. This one is jammed with great tools that you can use for a lifetime of transitions. Your treasure chest will overflow.

Weeks 3 & 4: More tools for your treasure chest as we wrap up this deep dive. I’ve put action planning on steroids for you. With 30+ years in Corporate America, my organizational and time management expertise has come into play.  I share tools for strategic planning, goal setting, a process for making life changes, assessing what works/what doesn’t, tracking achievements, follow-through, and accountability, plus a checklist for success. All while making it feel good to you—because if it doesn’t feel good, why do it at all?

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Each element in the program has a workbook to download, so you can capture thoughts and insights. Coaching sessions will be conducted via video conference.


“María’s personal experience and coaching expertise give her great insight on how to overcome the feelings of abandonment, overwhelm or anger that can come with loss. She will help you with self-reflection and to seek answers, so you can be courageous and resilient.

You will feel ready to embrace the unknown.  Explore the possibilities of taking a new path. Recapture the joy and success you deserve. María will help you grow and thrive.” ~Jan. W.