Harmony & Balance Workshop—Registration


Get on Top of Your Topsy-Turvy

Life has a way of tossing curve balls.
They can knock you off balance and turn your
world upside-down.

It’s time to put things right-side up again.

Join us at the HARMONY & BALANCE
Group Workshop,

for women who …

are ready to take stock of the areas of your life that could use a little boost.

want to tap into more clarity, so you start to focus on what’s most important first.

know it’s time to STOP pretending that you’re okay and START taking matters into your own hands so you can reduce the overwhelm and find a new balance.

are seeking a small, safe and supportive community of heart-centered women who understand what you’re feeling, share similar experiences to yours and want nothing more than to offer solutions and support and receive them in return.

want a private follow-up consultation to help you adapt what you learned so you can create more harmony and balance right away.

Toss back the curve balls!

Come out on top of your Topsy-Turvy
with renewed Balance and increased Harmony.


Life’s Upside-down Moments

Which one turned your world over?

(Secret: It may even be more than one, piled up over time.)


Loss of a loved one

Caring for a spouse or aging parent

Serious illness or injury

An unexpected corporate downsizing, or a forced or planned retirement.

Any one of these events could destroy your sense of balance and harmony.

There are so many major shifts our lives can take, whether they are expected, or they come out of the blue. At the very least, you may be caught off-guard … or even totally derailed.

Sometimes there is a pile-up of events that happen over time. You think you’ve got everything under control and one more thing happens that turns you upside-down.

Some events are more complicated and challenging to work through. You might have been able to hold your own dealing with one major life event. Yet, when the next one happens, or maybe the one after that, the pileup can derail even the strongest woman. You might find yourself just going through the motions day after dayw.

You’re not alone. Many of us have been there.

Life events do not have to define you. How you choose to respond to them will. Having the tools in your treasure chest to help you make the sound, supportive choices that serve you best can make all the difference in creating balance, peace of mind, and stability in your life again.

Let this be the year you stop pretending you’re okay when that’s not how you really feel. Give yourself permission to take off the masks you wear to protect yourself.

Put the focus on you for a change, so you can heal your heart, love yourself more and learn to thrive.

Wondering If This Workshop is For You?

I know how hard it can be to open up to people you don’t know. Many of us feel the same. I make a point of creating a safe space for women to gather and get to know each other, so they can feel safe about baring their concerns so we can help you move through them. And, you can choose to be as open as you wish. It’s all up to you.

My primary concern is for each of the women who join us in these intimate workshops. I respect and honor who you are and what you’re going through, without judgment attached. What happens in these workshops stays within the small group.

If you would like to talk with me before deciding to register for this workshop, I’d like to offer you a private, complimentary Heart to Heart chat. I’d love to get to know you and what’s going on in your life, and we can discover together whether this workshop (or one of the others I offer) is a good fit for you.

Click this link to schedule your chat using my online calendar.


Choose a New Perspective

If you are curious to explore another perspective and learn effective strategies to find a new balance for your life, I invite you to step forward and discover the possibilities that lie ahead during the Harmony & Balance Workshop and in the follow-up private consultation you can schedule to explore how you can adapt what you learned to your unique situation.

Join me Live and Online
Register for the Harmony & Balance Workshop
on Friday, July 20th at 10 am MST.

You’ll get the 90-minute group workshop
PLUS one private follow-up consultation

The only requirements are:
• Your computer or smart device
• a stable internet connection, and
• your favorite beverage

After this 90-minute workshop and private follow-up consultation,
you will be crystal clear about what you can focus on now
to bring Harmony & Balance back to your life.

How Other Women Feel About These Workshops…

“María Tomás-Keegan shared amazing steps to help me move forward and made sure that
every attendee felt valued and important.”

~ Monica Williams
“When I began the class, I was all over the place … having a roadmap helps me.
Learning what to focus on is key for me. This workshop was very good.
Getting feedback was huge.”

~ Carol Pease
“After this workshop, I feel empowered to make positive changes that will work for me.”
~Susan Galvez

Meet Your Host & Facilitator

Hi, I’m María Tomás-Keegan, and my specialty is transitions. I love helping women like you find the courage to regain your footing and rediscover who you are now, after living through major life changes that have turned your world upside-down. As if the life changes aren’t difficult enough to deal with, many women condition themselves to bury their pain, ignore their feelings and just go through the motions of life. Coping. Surviving. I did the same thing, so I know from experience this doesn’t work forever.

And, it hurts my heart to witness, so I am passionate about helping beautiful women like you to gently and compassionately move from surviving to thriving again. Regaining your Balance. Reducing the Overwhelm. Renewing your Spirit.

I understand very well what it’s like to put on the mask every day pretending everything is fine. This is how I dealt with my first few major life events—and I’ve had many. Two divorces, loss of loved ones (too many to count), cross-country relocation, all while managing a busy corporate career. Then, a layoff, early retirement, and caregiving, while starting a new business, got heaped onto my life-change resume.

In the beginning, my personal life crumbled. I felt crushed, hopeless and out of control. As hard as I tried to be strong, it affected every area of my life. I was just coping; barely surviving. Until I got help.

The journey from dragging myself through difficult days to learning how to thrive led me to help other women like you. On my path, I got back in touch with myself, became whole again, and healthier than ever. If I could do it, you can do it too!

I encourage you to take a new look and design a new life based on your own values today and your vision for tomorrow. I help you step back into your power and take the necessary action, so you can find the joy and begin to thrive.

I believe you can turn your world right-side-up again when you realign with and honor your core values, get crystal clear about what you want in your next chapter, and take passionate action to make this your new reality. Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend and effective new tools in your treasure chest.

I can be that friend and coach for you. Shining the light for you on your highest vision and guiding you along your path. Cheering you on and believing in you. Offering you insights, wisdom, and compassion—with a healthy dose of wit along the way. Helping women like you to thrive again is why I became a Certified Life Coach, specializing in transition, and founded Transition & Thrive with María.

Workshop Details 


Friday | July 20th
10:00 to 11:30 AM MST

LIVE Online.  No need to leave home. 

Get your coffee and your computer or smart device.  Sit in a quiet place so you are uninterrupted for our 90 minutes together.

Just $49

Investment includes 90-minute Intimate Group Workshop

PLUS 60-minute Private Follow-up Consultation


The follow-up call can be what tops this all off. It’s all about what you do next—what actions you take. In your private follow-up call, we’ll talk about how you can adapt what you’ve learned in the workshop and apply it to your unique circumstances, so you leave with a plan you can implement right away.

That’s how you get on top of your topsy-turvy.

In this live, facilitated, online workshop you’ll join a small group of women who are going through similar things. It will include insights, wisdom, and humor, along with your downloadable workbook & journal … and a safe, supportive and loving environment.

The Workshop will be conducted LIVE on the Zoom video conference platform (don’t worry, it’s easy to access if you haven’t done it before).

Click the Register Now button and complete your payment of $49.

You will then be directed to schedule your private follow-up call with Maria. We’ve reserved time on my calendar just for you on July 23rd and 24th. Set it up now to ensure you get on my calendar as soon after the workshop as possible, so it will all be fresh in your mind when we talk.

By the time we’re finished, you will have a new sense of Balance & Harmony and what is possible for you, along with personal strategies you can implement right away.

Join us.

Expect to receive confirmation and reminder eMails, so be sure to ‘white list’ my eMail address, Maria@TransitionAndThriveWithMaria.com. I’m looking forward to meeting you!