Taking inspired action puts fear in its place

Taking inspired action puts fear in its place. Think about it.

When you are in motion, moving in a direction that feels right, getting things done to support you in a positive way, there is little room for fear to take over. Oh, it may creep in here and there–that’s okay. Keep moving forward and the fear you feel will fuel you rather than stop you in your tracks.

On the other hand, when you sit still, wallow in your thoughts, focus on the negative things that are happening, fear has a tendency to move in and take up residence. When this happens, your forward momentum can grind to a halt and sometimes take you back a step or two.

Choose Inspired Action

Remember that our thoughts ebb and flow between positive and negative … that’s natural. Our feelings do the same thing … that’s normal, too. As we notice these thoughts and feelings running through our minds and bodies, we have a choice. Dwell on the bad stuff or choose to focus on the positive stuff … and move forward.

Think of these thoughts and feelings flowing by like the stock market symbols at the bottom on the TV screen on your favorite financial channel. You can pick and choose the one to focus on that serves you best. You can choose to ignore or put back the ones that drag you down. Your choice.

When you lean forward with the thoughts and feelings that support you best, you can’t help but put one foot in front of the other and get that momentum started again. Try it. Actually stand up and lean forward … keep leaning … lean in more. You’ll notice that if you don’t put one foot out to catch yourself, you’ll fall flat on your face. And if you put that foot forward and follow it with the other foot, you’ve got yourself moving in the right direction. Congrats!

From my “inspired” heart to yours …
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