MTK 4 - Strong women break down

“Even strong women break down.  It doesn’t mean you’re weak.  It’s means you’re human.”  

~María Tomás-Keegan

It also means there is a lesson to be learned somewhere.




This is something I remind myself of a lot when things are not going the way I want or expect them to go.  What I’ve learned is with break downs come breakthroughs.

When I allow myself the time to sit quietly and listen, things become more clear and the breakthrough happens.

It reminds me to “go with the flow” and allow the situation to unfold naturally, rather than forcing an outcome that may be what I think I want. Often, when I let it flow something much better than I ever imagined happens instead.


Simple Breakthrough Process

If you’re having mini breakdowns or major ones, try this:

— Find a quiet place where you can limit distractions and sit quietly.

— Breathe.

— Have your journal or notepad handy in case some light-bulb-moments happen.  You’ll want to capture them quickly then get back to sitting quietly.

— Let your thoughts flow freely, with no judgment at all.

— Notice how you’re feeling.

— Notice any insights that come through.

Take about 10 minutes to write about that experience.  What came up for you?  What became more clear?  What needs more thought?  At the end of your quiet time, decide when you’ll do this again and focus on the things you wrote about that need more thought.

This simple process can help you to gain more clarity about what caused your break down in the first place.


Sending you warm breakthrough {{{hugs}}} …
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