Career Transition


Are you in a soul-sucking job? Are you living someone else’s dream, and wish you could start living your own? Or, maybe you’ve just been there too long, and you’re not challenged, motivated, or valued? These are all excellent reasons to consider if now is the time to do something about it.

As a career transition specialist and coach, I’ve created these blog posts and podcast episodes to help you with tips, strategies, and career considerations that will guide you to step away from your soul-sucking job and into a career that fulfills you—because that’s what you deserve!

Choose to Change

Choose to Change

  Bring something into your day today that brings you joy, whether it's going on a walk with a friend or lighting a candle and enjoying a bubble bath. You deserve to feel joy, even during difficult times. Give yourself a big hug for taking care of you. It’s one...