Dr. Melanie Dunlap

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way.

Dr. Melanie has been touched in a very personal way, and joins me to share her story from diagnosis to recovery. And there is more…

This episode is titled Uncertain Grace.

I invite you to watch this inspiring story of her journey through learning to survive cancer.

Regina Thomas

If you’ve ever been betrayed by people you thought respected you and had your back, you may understand completely how Regina Thomas felt when it happened to her. The gut-wrenching part is that the betrayal came on the heels of losing her son in a tragic accident. How much can one woman take?

Regina found four cornerstones that helped her rise up again. They are all “F” words (and it’s not what you might be thinking).

What do you suppose they are? I invite you to find out …

Donna Sparaco

My conversation with Donna opened my eyes and my heart to a new perspective on moving through grief. Her deliberate choices which moved her through the loss of her husband, are uplifting.

Veronica Clark

Veronica shares a heart-wrenching story of sexual abuse from a very young age. She felt broken and damaged. She numbed herself, and buried her past so she could create a perfect present—until her past came home to roost and became her undoing. This is a story of hitting bottom, muddling through those buried emotions before she could rise above and turn coal into gold.

Karen M. Winkelman

This is a different kind of story about loss. The loss of identity, due to an unexpected corporate downsizing. The loss of confidence. The loss of a sense of personal value. Can you relate to any of this?

Leeanne Gardner

When something of significance is ripped away from her at the tender age of 15, Leeanne learned to withhold trust, build an impenetrable wall and rely on her own resources to make a success of herself. She calls it living in the grey zone.

Susan F. Moody

There are all kinds of loss in our lives. Loss of people. Loss of pets. Loss of careers, to name a few. Susan shares how the loss of one of her businesses nearly broke her entrepreneurial spirit. And how this failure gave her a new perspective, turning failure into feedback. I invite you to watch …

Lisa C. Decker

In this 3-part series of chats with Lisa, she will share how the sudden loss of her husband changed her, what she wishes she had known and the lessons from which she created her Heart Formula to help others, and so much more.

Christy L. Demetrakis

Christy Demetrakis is an author who writes about fear and how we can conquer it. She calls it an A.R.T. In this 4-part series of chats she shares her heartfelt and practical approach which we can easily implement for ourselves. I invite you to watch …

Paddy Ramussen

In this video, we speak with guest expert Paddy Rasmussen. Paddy is a re-creation specialist with a unique approach to helping people move forward after a major life transition like the loss of a loved one, divorce or need to relocate or downsize. Her company is called “New Beginnings,” and as an interior designer, who has been through many transitions of her own, she has created a step-by-step process to help others through their transition.

Lois Carrier-Maurice

Lois is a Certified Financial Planner who is uniquely qualified to educate us on this topic of money. Her diverse background and experience offer interesting insights about women and how we think about money.

Raquel Perez

Raquel Perez is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner whose life transition taught her a lot about self-care. After being shot in the line of duty as a police officer, she nearly lost her life. She did lose her career and the life she had known. Her long recovery took her to the depths of despair and her tenacity and courage brought her back up.