Harness Your Personal Power, Practice Self-Care, & Gain Inspiration so You Can Feel Better About Yourself


Each one of us has choices–to be the victim or the victor, to take responsibility for our own actions, and to care for ourselves first so we can be there for others.  Are you ready to feel better about yourself as you face life’s changes and challenges?

These resources offer insights and tips on self-care and stepping into your own personal power, with resilience and grace.

It is from that place that you are at your best and can serve those who depend on you most.

Walking with Faith

Walking with Faith

I hope this is a day of rest and recharging for you. We all need to refuel and refill our cups so we can give from the overflow. Let’s do it together on this beautiful Sunday. I’m putting dinner in the crockpot, heading to church and then watching football with hubby...