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Even strong women get derailed by major life events, like divorce, loss, layoff or retirement. How you feel and how you show up matters, at work and with family. You matter. Spend an hour with Maria and set a course to get you back on track. Then follow along with Maria’s online program as you navigate through the self-paced modules.

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The : The New YOU Awaits program is available as an online course, with self-paced modules.  It is a voice-guided, step-by-step program with all elements available in downloadable formats so you have a reference for years to come.  Whenever you need a little boost of inspiration or you get stuck in a rut, you’ll have resources to help you move quickly to a better place. There are Activity Guides, audio recordings to guide your progress and printable transcripts that help you navigate your path to become the best you can be.

This approach to coaching is well-suited to the highly motivated and disciplined woman, who can keep herself on pace to complete the program with little direction.