Disabilities are often apparent—someone is in a wheelchair, or has a dog companion to help them.  Yet, other impairments may not be visible. In this week’s story, we hear about a disability that is not obvious, and the shame and embarrassment my next guest felt by the way she was often treated—and how she turned the challenges into victories.

This episode’s inspiring guest is Michelle Faust.

This is a story of many upside-down moments, starting with being born profoundly deaf, being bullied, losing her sister, and feeling alone when her parents became emotionally unavailable. It’s what she calls lemons.

Learning to overcome each obstacle life threw at her taught Michelle how to thrive in a hearing world, in fact, to excel. It was her own private lemonade stand. Her story and the lessons she shares will inspire you.

I invite you to eavesdrop on our conversation titled The Big Squeeze on RHGTV Network—the Empowered Connections Channel… 

from Upside Down to Right Side Up: Tips for the Transition


Michelle Faust: The Big Squeeze


The Big Squeeze: Michelle Faust