Inspirational Words of Wisdom to Guide Your Journey Through Transition

Change can be a difficult thing to experience, and it can bring with it an abundance of stress and worry. During these times, you may find yourself in need of inspirational words of wisdom in order to help you move through and beyond this life-changing time.

I’ve found that stories — and inspirational words of wisdom from others who have walked similar paths — is a wonderful way to help me, and the women I work with, walk out of their darkness and into the light one step at a time.

It is my hope that you will find value in them as well, and feel inspired to share them with others who could use a little inspiration.

Change — With Calming Inspiration

Change — With Calming Inspiration

Lately, I have found myself in need of inspiration … inspiration to manage through a challenging time without getting down on myself, without doubting my value, without sabotaging the progress I have made toward my goal.  Things are changing and I don’t feel in...

Overwhelmed?  Find your sweet calm.

Overwhelmed? Find your sweet calm.

A conversation with a friend the other day got me to thinking about what causes us to become overwhelmed by life.  We talked about how those feelings of being overwhelmed might arise when events in our lives happen too fast and we’re not ready for them.  We might get...