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Life or career events that throw us off-course can make us feel small. In response, we might doubt ourselves or sabotage our every move. In the worst case scenarios, we might become paralyzed–unable to move at all. STUCK!

When significant events turn your world upside down, you might not know which end is up or what to expect next. In that situation, it’s difficult to plan when you don’t know what to plan for. You might wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel (and whether or not you’ll ever get to it).  

I’m here to tell you that there is.

You might be in the middle of a tunnel right now. You might even see light at both ends. You know that you don’t want to go back where you came from, but you’re also not sure how to move forward.

This book shares what I know about change and transition—the difference between them, and the choices you have as significant events disrupt life as you know it. Download the audio or printable version below:

Have we met?

I’m María Tomás-Keegan. 

As a certified career & life coach specializing in transition, I help women get unstuck.

Whether they’re struggling with career or job choices, facing relationship challenges, suffering a personal loss, caregiving for a loved one, or some other life-changing event, I help to lighten the load they carry. 

The women I serve are intelligent, resourceful, and understand that adapting to any significant change and moving through the transition can be challenging. 

And it can be more complicated when they try to do it alone. So, I create resources to make their journey easier. And, this free book is one of them.

I hope it helps you get unstuck from whatever is holding you back from being your best self today. Download the audio or printable version by filling out the form below: