Discovery Session


Are you ready to explore what it might feel like to take off the mask for a while and let your guard down with someone who has been where you are?

Is it time to start putting the pieces of your personal life back together again in a new way?

Do you want to discover how to turn wishful thinking into inspired actions so you can feel empowered and energized to live your life by design rather than by default—by choice, not by chance?

Then let’s chat—because we can make that happen together!


I know from personal experience how hard it can be to make the puzzle pieces of your life fit together again after a major life event has rocked your personal world.  (Read ‘María’s Story’ tab at the top.) And I understand the effect events like divorce, loss, layoff or retirement (to name a few) can have on how you feel about yourself and how you show up at work and with family and friends.  It’s not easy.  And there may be a lot of “pretending” going on.


You can stumble along, like I did at first, reading self-help books and getting input from other women who have gone through the same kind of event in online forums or private groups, feeling like you’ll never get there—like you’ll never really be able to put it all behind you and thrive on your own. I know how overwhelming it can feel.


Or you can get some support and make it easier for yourself.  Do you have an hour to focus on you?  I’d be delighted to do just that with you.



Apply for your complimentary Discovery Session …

so we can focus on YOU—together.


Here’s what we’ll do in your Discovery Session – I will help you to:

Take stock of where you are today.
• Start to envision your future on your terms—what does it look like for you?
• Understand what may be holding you back and how you can kick those stumbling blocks to the curb.
• Create a plan, with achievable short-term commitments, so you can see results right away.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly things can fall into place when you’re ready to lean in and step forward.  The truth is, sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective to see things from a different vantage point.  Does that make sense?


One of my biggest gifts is to help you see more clearly the direction that feels right for you. With that clarity, you’ll start to move, step-by-step, with ease.  You will rediscover your essence—what makes you unique—so you can design the new life you deserve and start to THRIVE in all areas.


Is this worth spending an hour of your time with me?


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Let’s make this happen together!