If you read last week’s blog post, “Do you have anything you want to heal?” you’ll recall that I was inspired by an event I attended last weekend: “Prosper 2014,” facilitated by Sharon Hess, an intuitive healer.  Well, another concept I heard from Sharon inspired today’s blog, as well.  It was a great metaphor for the direction in which many of us head when we are going through major transitions in our lives.  Are you in a Maze or a Labyrinth?  Think about that for a moment. 

What direction feels better to you?



Are you bumping into barriers that hold you back as you navigate through the considerations and decisions that are ever present as things change in your life?  Do you feel that your direction has taken you right into a brick wall and it’s not clear which way to turn to move forward?  Does your head lead you in one direction and you find that you have to go back and find a different path?  Maze.


a smooth direction


Or, does the journey through change flow easily, as if there are no corners, just very gentle turns that guide you to your center and back out again?  Does it feel like your heart and your intuition are leading the way?  Do you feel you’re headed in the right direction?  Labyrinth.

Can you choose your direction?

Yes.  And, no.  The truth is, most people start in the maze and it magically turns into a labyrinth as they move through their journey—as they sit quietly and allow a sense of calm to still the noise—as they learn to tap into their inner wisdom to hear the guidance from within.

That’s when we start to feel the positive energy coming to us, because we’re starting to put out that positive energy.  That’s when the hard corners of the maze begin to soften and the paths that lead nowhere suddenly seem to disappear or gates open so we can easily walk through to the next right thing.  That’s also when people and things are put in our paths as those they were meant to be there all along.  This is the right direction.

How do you change direction?

We have a tendency to stay stuck in the maze for a while until something or someone causes the “light to dawn on marble head.”   When we’re ready to move from “stuck” behind a wall to “unstuck” and able to move forward freely is when we realize our maze has turned into a labyrinth—as if by magic.

You may find that reaching out for help to move from your own personal maze to your peaceful labyrinth will make your journey smoother, easier and bring you to your “happy place” faster.  As a Life Transitions Coach who has been through the maze many times, and has found her way to the labyrinth, I can help you.  My many life changes have taught me how to quiet the noise, help bring the calm and tap into that inner wisdom so you can design that life-AFTER-change that you want and deserve.  I would love to share my process to help you.  Maze or Labyrinth?  What direction do you choose?

Make this your day ~~ Explore  …  Dream  …   Discover!

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