How often do you think about leaving your soul-sucking job?

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I’ve heard a lot of women talking about how unhappy they are in their current jobs, especially during the pandemic. The thought of continuing on this same path for the foreseeable future is horrifying. But, it also seems impossible to leave. This feeling of being trapped is rampant but it’s also paralyzing. 

So what do they do? Nothing. 

Instead of acting, the weeks roll on. Sunday nights bring bouts of dread because Monday is right around the corner. The idea of putting on a smiling face to their team is draining. Yet as time passes, faking “being fine” becomes a norm, and they’re living with the silent truth of feeling crushed–as if their soul is being sucked right out of them. 

There was a time when these women loved their jobs. But that passion is gone. It happened gradually which may be why the burnout and frustration have been difficult to overcome. And it has gotten worse as the pandemic wears on. Working from home, juggling different (and more responsibilities) have only gotten harder.

Isolation from colleagues and management teams has led to deep feelings of being undervalued and overworked. With fewer people to manage the daily work, and relatively little praise, raises, or relief in sight, it all amounts to a deep sense that This. Isn’t. Working.

Let me ask you a question. Why are you staying in a job that makes you feel trapped?


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But, who would leave a well-paying, secure job during a pandemic? 

What happens when it’s time to commute again and work long hours in the office? What seems bad now could become unbearable with the extra effort of going into the office and working face-to-face with colleagues. And what if things get worse before they get better? What if there are layoffs or pay cuts? Then what?

So what can you do? Does the uncertainty of the pandemic mean that you have to stay at your “soul-sucking” job? Not at all. What if you DO decide to leave? What if you decide to quit giving your talents to leaders who don’t appreciate you? Are you leaving a potentially easier, lucrative future on the table out of fear?

How can you make your NEXT-BEST move?

What if you could use a free decision-making tool to help you figure out how to really put your dread to bed? Confidently uncover the answer to the two biggest questions in your heart: Should I stay or should I go? And should it be now, or later?

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Once you have a sense of your own priorities, your decisions about your career path will be easier, clearer and more informed. You will be grounded in a new perspective which will empower you to make intelligent decisions. 

No more guessing. 

No more sleepless nights. 

And no more soul-sucking circumstances.  

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