Diana Gogan

This episode’s guest is Diana Gogan.

How often have you worn a mask pretending that everything is just fine when deep inside you know it’s not.

Diana appeared to have it all with a very successful corporate career—and she did for a while. Until something changed. She realized how much she compromised and how unhappy she was. In “Dropping the Mask,” Diana shares how she lost herself—and the journey she took to finding herself again.

It’s another inspiring story of triumph.

I invite you to watch …

Tish Times

Tish tells a part of her story she doesn’t often share—the downfall of her business—and the road back.

From having it all to losing everything, she had nowhere to go but up. Tish talks about how her public persona affected relationships with her husband and children. Most importantly, she tells us how she worked her way back to success—building her confidence from the inside out.

It’s an inspiring story. I invite you to watch …

Tamara Parisio

As I talked with Tamara about her story, she revealed a remarkable approach to dealing with being an introvert, wishing situations in her life had gone differently and overcoming her trepidations about her divorce and becoming a single parent. How did she do that?

Her methods are simple. Tamara’s results allowed her to step into the role of leading lady in her own life.

Victoria Trafton

In this video, we speak with guest expert Victoria Trafton. Victoria is a Women’s Confidence Coach. In her spare time, she is a sought-after trainer, speaker, mentor, facilitator, and business consultant. Her passion is bringing out the best in women so they can make their unique contribution to the world, especially when they face life transitions that rock their personal world.