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Life events have a way of turning your world upside down.

Let’s put it right side up again.



You’ve gone through a powerful life event that has you in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed. The chaotic thoughts and chatter invading your mind won’t stop, and you just can’t take it anymore. You’re exhausted.

We all go through awful experiences that bring us to our knees. These moments almost break us, making us wonder if we’ll ever be able to get back to normal.

Clearing the path of the obstacles getting in your way is difficult when you don’t have the strength to move them. You know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing. You’re not living your life full out and you want to, but it feels like there’s no way to get there.

I’m here to tell you, you CAN get there. Let’s Clear Your Path, so life can be right side up again.


Clear Your Path Live Online Group Workshop

Friday, August 24th at 10 to 11:30 am MST
Included bonus: 60-minute private follow-up consultation ($125 value)

Here’s how it works:

Before the workshop, you’ll:

Be able to download and print my workbook and journal to record your insights and impressions as you go through the workshop.


During the workshop, we’ll:

Discuss obstacles and barriers that have the power to hold you back, cause you to take a detour or stop you in your tracks. We’ll begin to uncover what roadblocks you may be experiencing before we start an eye-opening self-assessment.


Begin Part One of a comprehensive Life Assessment exploring ten life areas, perhaps some for the first time. This will likely uncover where there are obstacles and barriers to finding a new balance in your life now that events have turned your world upside down.


After the workshop, you’ll:

Be able to join my private Facebook group of like-minded women where are invited to continue the conversation, make new friends, and find an accountability partner to help keep you on track as you continue your journey forward.


Have your 60-minute follow-up session with me where we’ll adapt and tailor what we discussed during the workshop to your individual needs.


Have clarity on steps to take to turn your life right side up again.


There’s no better time than now.


Stop the sabotaging chatter.

Stop letting doubts, fears, or low self-confidence influence your choices.

Clear your path of the obstacles that are getting in your way.

Embrace change and take small steps at a time.

Start restoring stability in your life and turn your world right side up again during the Clear Your Path Workshop.



I’ve been where you are.

Every time my world came crashing down, it became harder and harder to pick myself back up again until one day, as I was going through my second divorce, I hit my breaking point. This is why it’s so important not to go it alone, isolating yourself into thinking you’re the only one who can understand your struggle. I regained my footing when I reached out for help. My coach and other women in a group I joined helped me to see how stuck I was. They opened my eyes to new possibilities. The tools and strategies I learned on my journey turned my world around so I could see clearly again.

And I’d like to share them with you. Join the Clear Your Path workshop to take the first step toward clarity.


This workshop is for you … if you:

Are tired of pretending that everything is okay, while you’re tied up in knots inside.


Have so many things going on all at once that you’re confused about where to focus first.


Know that something has to change but you’re feeling resistance and fear (which is normal).


Your mask is cracking, your control is slipping and it sometimes feels like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Are open to getting to know a small, safe and supportive community of heart-centered women who understand what you’re feeling and share similar experiences.



Life Has Tons of Upside-down Moments

Which one turned your world over (it may be more than one)?



Loss of a loved one


Caring for a spouse or aging parent


Serious illness or injury


Job loss or forced retirement


Another traumatic event


Any one of these has the power to destroy your sense of balance and stability, mess with your sense of self (and self-worth) and upend your world.

The major shifts in your life — whether expected or not — can leave you feeling completely derailed.


Whether you’re dealing with a pile-up of events …

Sometimes there is a pile-up of events that happen over time. They may not be major transitional times, either. Life events, both big and small, have a way of stacking up when not fully dealt with. You think you’ve got everything under control until one day you hit your breaking point.

Or one awful event that has tipped you over the edge …

Some events are more complicated and challenging to work through. You might have been able to hold your own dealing with one major life event. Maybe two. But when that next awful change happens it feels like a ten-car-pile up that can take out even a woman as strong as you.

You’re not alone.

Life events do not have to define you, but how you choose to respond to them will.

Having the tools and strategies in your treasure chest to help you make the sound, supportive choices that serve you best can make all the difference in creating balance, peace of mind, and stability in your life … and turn your life right side up again.


It’s okay to stop pretending you’re okay when it’s not how you really feel.

It’s okay to take off the masks you wear to protect yourself.

It’s okay to give yourself permission to allow someone else to help you.


This is what I know for sure: asking for and accepting help is not a sign of weakness. And there are no gold stars for doing it all by yourself.

Put the focus on you for a change, so you can heal your heart, love yourself more and clear the path so you can begin to thrive. You have nothing to lose, and a beautiful life to gain.


Still not sure? Let’s talk about it.

I understand how hard it is to take the plunge and open yourself to others you don’t know.

That’s why I’d like to talk to you about it during a complimentary Heart-to-Heart call. I’d love to know what’s going on in your life and learn why you may be feeling resistance in taking this step and help you feel empowered to navigate through it. By the end of our call, we’ll know if this workshop or another is right for you.

Schedule your private chat.



It’s Time to Choose a New Perspective

If you’re ready to explore another perspective on your life, your choices, and learn effective strategies to open the way to more stability, clarity, and peace of mind, I encourage you to step forward and discover the possibilities that lie ahead during the Clear Your Path Workshop.

As a bonus for signing up for this workshop, you’ll also get special access to a private one-hour follow-up session with me, during which we’ll explore how you can adapt what you learn in the workshop to your unique situation.   


The Clear Your Path Live Online Group Workshop
Friday, August 24th at 10 am MST.


Registration includes:

  •     90-minute group online workshop
  •     A one-hour private follow-up session
  •     A printable workbook to use as a guide
  •     Exclusive access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support

All you need to join the workshop are:

  • A computer or smart device
  • A stable internet connection
  • An open mind, and
  • Your favorite snack

After this workshop and private follow-up consultation, you’ll be crystal clear about what you can focus on and change right away that will reduce your resistance to change and put you in control of what happens next.

How does that sound to you?


Why take part in a group workshop instead of going it alone?  

Find comfort in the community.
The impact of a group of women sharing stories, insights, and solutions is powerful. In my private Facebook group, you’ll be able to stay connected to like-minded women for ongoing support. It’s important to remember that, even though it may feel like it sometimes, you are not alone. When you join the private Facebook group, you’ll be able to take comfort in the experiences we all share and provide support to sister members when they are feeling vulnerable.

More accountability means more success.
Studies show that you’re twice as likely to achieve your goals when you share them with others than if you go it alone. In the Facebook group, you’ll have the option to create accountability partnerships to help you stay on track with your progress toward your new life and ask for support when you’re having difficulty.


Here’s what other women had to say about the workshops:


“María Tomás-Keegan shared amazing steps to help me move forward and made sure that
every attendee felt valued and important.”

~ Monica Williams
“When I began the class, I was all over the place … having a roadmap helps me.
Learning what to focus on is key for me. This workshop was very good.
Getting feedback was huge.”

~ Carol Pease
“After this workshop, I feel empowered to make positive changes that will work for me.”
~Susan Galvez


Still not convinced?

Then please request your free Heart-to-Heart Chat with me so we can talk through your hurdle, because I’d rather you feel a clear “yes” or “no” than be stuck in a state of resistance.

Schedule your private chat.



A little about my story:

Hi, I’m María Tomás-Keegan, a certified life coach who specializes in life transitions. I help women like you find the courage to regain your footing and rediscover who you are now after living through major life changes that have turned your world upside down.

As if life’s changes aren’t difficult enough to deal with, we as women condition ourselves to bury our pain, ignore our feelings, and simply go through the motions of life as if it’s easier this way. We call this being selfless and convince ourselves we’re doing the right thing by putting others needs in front of our own. In fact, the opposite is true. When we don’t take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we’re actually hurting those around us more by our inability to be at our best.

Cope with feelings. Survive each day. Numb the pain. Repeat. Eventually, this starts feeling normal, so you think, “Sure. Maybe I’m okay.” I used to do the same thing, so I know from experience how unsustainable this really is.

It hurts my heart to watch other women go through the same pain, which is why I’m so passionate about helping others like you to gently and compassionately move from surviving to thriving again. Regain your balance. Reduce the overwhelm. Renew your spirit. Repeat. This is what I call thriving.

I understand what it’s like to put on a mask every day and pretend everything is fine. This is how I dealt with my first few major life events — two divorces, loss of loved ones, cross-country relocation — all while managing a busy corporate career. Then, a layoff, early retirement, and caregiving, while starting a new business got heaped onto my resume of life.

In my earlier experiences with transition, my personal life crumbled. I felt crushed, hopeless and out of control. As hard as I tried to be strong, it affected every area of my life. I was just coping. Barely surviving. Until I got help.

The journey from dragging myself through difficult days to learning how to thrive led me to help other women like you. On my path, I got back in touch with myself, became whole again, and healthier than ever. If I could do it, you can do it too!

I want you to feel empowered to take a new look and design a new life based on your values today and your vision for tomorrow. I will help you step back into your power and take the necessary action, so you can find the joy and begin to thrive.

I believe you can turn your world right side up again when you realign with and honor your core values, get crystal clear about what you want in your next chapter, and take inspired action to make this your new reality. Sometimes you just need a little help from someone who gets it and who can put an effective set of tools in your treasure chest.

Let me be that friend and coach for you. Allow me to shine the light for you on your highest vision and guide you along your path as you clear it of the obstacles standing in your way. I’ll be in your corner cheering you on and believing in you as you take each step, offering you insights, wisdom, and compassion — with a healthy dose of wit along the way.


Workshop Details 


Friday, August 24th
10:00 to 11:30 AM MST

LIVE Online.  No need to leave home. 

Grab a drink and your screen of choice and settle in for 90 minutes of clarity with an intimate group of like-minded women

The Clear Your Path Workshop Includes:

90-minute live group session ($150 value)
Workbook ($50 value)
Access to private Facebook Group ($250 value)
60-minute private follow-up consultation ($125 value)

Total investment: $99

($575 value)



During the live workshop, we’ll come together in a small group of like-minded women who share similar experiences.

And what happens in the workshop stays in the workshop. I respect and honor who you are and what you’re going through without judgment. What happens in these workshops stays within the small group.

The 60-minute follow-up session is what makes the difference between “just another workshop” and the most effective workshop you’ve ever attended.

In your private follow-up consultation, you’ll get clear on how you can adapt what you’ve learned in the workshop and apply it to your unique circumstances. You will leave the call with a step-by-step plan that will inspire you to take action.

This is how you Clear Your Path and turn your world right side up again.

The workshop will be held LIVE on the Zoom video conference platform (don’t worry if you’ve never used it before. It’s easy to access on your web browser).

Register now and take the first step toward freedom.

Once you register, you’ll be directed to schedule your private follow-up call with María. I’ve reserved time just for you on August 27th and 28th. Set it up now to ensure you get on my calendar as soon after the workshop as possible, so it will all be fresh in your mind when we talk.

By the time we’re finished, you will have renewed your spirit and gained a clear understanding of what is possible for you, along with learning several personal strategies which you can implement right away.



You’ll be receiving confirmation and reminder emails leading up to the workshop, so be sure to whitelist maria@transitionandthrivewithmaria.com in your email. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk about it during a complimentary heart-to-heart chat.
Schedule your chat here.