Unhappy in Your Career?
Find a Solution and Make a Change with Confidence.

Confidence is at the root of resilience. Finding it, being it, empowering others to find their own. If you want greater resiliency in your career, deep-rooted self-confidence is the key. 


If only it were that easy…

  • It’s easy to feel confident at work on your best days; it’s your worst days when it seems hardest to find.
  • Areas you were good at before seem challenging.
  • You’re tired. Thread-worn. Sensitive. Frustrated. And lost.
  • You have less in your emotional backup tank at the moment you need it the most.
  • Not because your job is magically more difficult, but because the experience of feeling “worn out” has settled deep in your bones.
  • Your past answers don’t work on today’s questions.
  • And it seems there are more questions today than ever before… 
  • Should you stay at your soul-sucking job? Address your boredom and fatigue? Or stay put for security?
  • You spent the pandemic trying to make things work, only to feel more confused and lost than ever. 

It’s time to stop dwelling in the endless questions and find your path forward. One that aligns with your values, your skills, and your integrity.

I am the person to help get you there.  

Here are some encouraging words from clients who have been where you are…

“Maria was such a pleasure to work with. She truly wants to help you maximize your career potential and will do everything she can to achieve that end. Due to her extensive background and experience, she is able to provide great insight and made me feel confident as a working professional looking to expand my skills and career opportunities.”

~ D. McFarland

“Working with Maria was a pleasure. Her guidance while working through my career transition was invaluable. Maria’s knowledge and skills are unquestionable. Maria takes a sincere interest in her clients while guiding them through what can be difficult in their lives. She can read people to understand when an emotional lift is needed and when it is time to push forward.”

~ C. Hoff

I Invite You To Choose Your Next Move

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When life turns you upside down having a contingency plan can help you rebound.

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