Bucket List – Do you have one?

I have been thinking about what those words mean ~~ a bucket list.  It refers to a list of things to do or places to go or people to meet before “kicking the bucket.”  I’m not sure I like that idea.  I suppose it also means that, if you get all those things done by…

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Believe - Believe - Believe

Believe and things will happen

  Do you believe people come into your life just when you need them?  I do.  Do you believe things happen for a reason?  I do.  Do you believe that we are exactly where we are supposed to be?  I do. And I believe all this because I am reminded repeatedly that it is true.…

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Perfection. Is that what you're looking for?

Perfection – is that what you’re expecting?

A friend of mine read the text on a card I made for my husband and asked if I would send it to her.  It occurred to me that others may find these words resonate, as well.  It has to do with perfection.  I’m a “recovering perfectionist” myself so these words come from the heart.…

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Fear of writing ~ does it stop you in your tracks?

Do you wonder whether you have anything meaningful to share with others?  Does your fear of writing hold you back because you don’t see yourself as an expert?  Do you fear being judged? Join the club … that’s exactly how I felt. 

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Fear makes me nauseous! Three tips to make me feel better.

What is that feeling in the pit of my stomach?  Why do my hands shake a bit and my knees feel unsteady?  Why can’t I remember what I want to say? For me, this is the manifestation of fear … I’m working through it and making progress.  There are some tricks I’ve learned through my…

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life's transitions are supported in many great ways!

Transitions ~ A Valentine’s Butterfly for You

Valentine’s Day can be tough for some people, especially women going through transitions, I think.  It can be a sad reminder of better times when current times are not going so smoothly.  It can be a reminder that some of us are alone, rather than connected closely with a partner.  It can be cynically thought…

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Grief and Loss ~ Tennyson was right about it!

 I’m not an expert on grief and loss; I’ve just felt a lot of it.  I don’t know anyone who is an expert.  All I know is it’s one of those raw emotions that tear us up inside and lasts too damn long. The person going through the grief feels lost … the people trying…

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Career transition daunting you? Write about it.

Is it time to make a major career transition?  Are you feeling less than confident about what you should do next?  Do you worry that you’re not good enough or that you can’t handle the additional responsibility? What if you knew you could not fail?  What would you do then? 

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