it's a thriving life!

Elements of a Thriving Life

As I was reading a book this morning it got me to thinking about what I consider to be the most important elements of a Thriving Life.  So, I thought I would write about this today.  I came up with seven elements.  Let’s see where this takes us …   1—Take Care Self-care has to…

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Turn that feeling of being overwhelmed into sweet calm

Overwhelmed? Find your sweet calm.

A conversation with a friend the other day got me to thinking about what causes us to become overwhelmed by life.  We talked about how those feelings of being overwhelmed might arise when events in our lives happen too fast and we’re not ready for them.  We might get overwhelmed when we’re surprised by an…

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Change can be hard ...

Change—are you willing to change?

I am inspired today to write about change because of something I read that resonated with me.  It is a quote from John T. Child.  I am not familiar with any other work by this guy but, I absolutely loved what he said in this quote that I came across on Facebook.  There is much…

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We can Thrive after Divorce

Divorce — More lessons, the hard way

For those of you who know me or have been following me on my new journey, you know that I have been through a lot of transitions in my life, including divorce—twice.  As I think about what I learned from those divorce experiences, I recognize how those lessons have served me well. They came in…

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What major change was your turning point?

Turning Point — a change for the better

I started reading a book this weekend that got me to thinking about turning points in my life.  This book is called Turning Points.  There are 25 inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs who have turned their careers and lives around after a significant turning point in their lives. This book was compiled and edited by…

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Tap into your Inner Wisdom to set you free

Unlock the Power of Your Inner Wisdom

A friend posted something that landed on my Facebook feed several months ago, which I liked enough to type into a Word doc, printed it and tacked it to my vision board.  It caught my eye again today and inspired me to write a bit about “Inner Wisdom.”  Here is the quote: “We all have…

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calm water is soothing

Calm — The benefits of creating calm

How can becoming calm in any situation help you to manage whatever comes your way?  How can a sense of calm confidence become your new lifestyle?  There are ways to create that calm and design your life around it so you can handle life’s pleasures more fully and life’s upheavals with patience and grace.  How,…

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A thank you shows gratitude in the simplest way

Gratitude – how do you show it?

This has been a particularly eventful month so far for me, with a number of great things happening.  And I’m feeling very blessed and grateful.  It got me to thinking about how to express my gratitude so that those who support me understand how important they are to my life’s journey. How do you show…

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Sometimes our arguments show lack of respect and we turn our backs on each other

Respect — how important is it to you?

I was talking with a friend over the weekend and we got into a conversation about respect and how important it is to each of us that we are shown respect—and we quickly acknowledged that it is equally important to show respect to others. Respect in my own life—a short story This conversation brought me…

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the book can help you to manage change in your life

Change—Rapid Change!

Do you feel like change in your life is constant? It does seem that way to me too, sometimes—especially these days, as I work to build a new practice for coaching women through life transitions.  Although I’ve been training, mentoring and coaching for 20+ years, as well as working in marketing in the corporate world…

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