life lessons help us manage when life happens

Life Lessons — 5 great reminders

This week has been filled with reminders of life lessons.  Things happened and I wasn’t very happy with how I reacted.  I forgot to rely on these life lessons that I know so well.  Does this happen to you?  I know how I want to behave in certain situations yet I find myself falling back…

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stress relief - butterflies &water

Stress Relief—as easy as breathing

How many times have you been told to breathe when you’re feeling anxious or afraid or stressed out?  I can’t count the times that I’ve been told by a yoga teacher, my doctor, a chiropractor and others to practice deep breathing when I’m stressed.  When I do, it seems to work.  And, it got me…

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the power of words: they can lead us from pain to joy

The Power of Words

A friend shared a powerful message with me this week and I want to share it so you can benefit.  It’s a wonderful reminder of the power of words. It was recently published on’s site and originally written and shared by Susan Jeffers in her book “Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway”…

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Feeling Stuck, Stressed and Worried?

Stuck, Stressed or Worried? 6 Steps to Move Past It

I hear from divorced women all the time about how they feel stuck, stressed or worried.  There are a myriad of reasons for those feelings — each one unique to the person, yet very similar.  We are not alone in these feelings and when we follow six simple steps, we can begin to relieve those…

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Imagine the change this waterfall causes all around it.

Change is a Good Thing: 10 Reminders

Life happens!  It is ever changing.  Sometimes the change confuses us or confounds us, and it always will complete us … IF we listen and learn from the change.  As life changes for me (and I’m in the midst of a big one right now), I find inspiration from the wisdom of others.  As I…

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Inspiring us to get quiet

What Inspires You?

It’s the start of another new year and, if this one goes by as fast as the last one, I’m going to need a lot of inspiration to get done everything I want to do this year.  So I thought about how I can rally that inspiration for myself.  I love music that moves me…

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gift from the heart

Gifts from the Heart: Simply Celebrate

Have you ever met someone whose spirit engages you in the most incredible ways?  I’ve met just such a person.  She lifts my own spirit every time we chat … she always shares something that touches my heart … and she mirrors back to me all the good things she sees.  She is the kind…

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another example of an image that brings calm inspiration

Calm Inspiration

One of the things I’m known for is my calming voice and my ability to inspire people to take actions that will move them out of their rut and in the direction of their dreams.  I’ve found myself in need of my own “medicine” recently as I’ve made some significant choices about how I want…

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After me, you come first--my self-care mantra

5 easy self-care ideas

After me, you come first Have you ever heard those words?  “After me, you come first.”  I personally don’t know too many women who subscribe to that approach to self-care but, more of us should — including me! I was brought up to take care of everyone else first.  That’s just the way we were…

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change requires a delicate dance

Change — With Calming Inspiration

Lately, I have found myself in need of inspiration … inspiration to manage through a challenging time without getting down on myself, without doubting my value, without sabotaging the progress I have made toward my goal.  Things are changing and I don’t feel in control.  Sound familiar? Change is a difficult thing and it can…

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