Divorce can hit like a storm

When Divorce Hits Hard, What Do You Do?

It was one of those days when I woke up in a deep funk. I remember it so well. Is this what they mean by “life happens?” My divorce hit me hard, twice. Everyone thought I had the perfect marriage, but it wasn’t perfect at all. I denied it for years. I told friends and…

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Take inspired action

Do you take inspired action to keep fear at bay?

Taking inspired action puts fear in its place. Think about it. When you are in motion, moving in a direction that feels right, getting things done to support you in a positive way, there is little room for fear to take over. Oh, it may creep in here and there–that’s okay. Keep moving forward and…

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choose confidence

Do you struggle with lack of confidence?

Is your confidence level at an all time low? Divorce can do that. Do you believe the negative things that he says about you? Even a little bit? Are your own inner voices undermining your confidence? Do you have trouble talking with attorneys, mediators, financial advisors and expressing what you want and need? Is it…

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An attitude of gratitude

Unleash the Power of Gratitude

Did you know that when you practice gratitude, when you are focused on being thankful and feeling blessed, you cannot also feel fear or hate or grief or guilt at the same time? Think about that. How does it feel when you’re overwhelmed with fear, hate, grief or guilt? It feels awful. How often do…

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Make a new choice

Divorce Got You Down? Make a New Choice.

A few years ago I was working in Corporate America. One morning I got a call from my manager that rocked my world. My career as I knew it was coming to an end in a month’s time after nearly 20 years with the company. I was wondering how many career transitions I need to…

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Wise Choices

Wise Choices Lead to Inspired Actions

I posted this “inspirational” message on my Facebook page the other day and today I noticed that it has been shared a lot and reached a very large audience. This message resonated highly with me, which is why I created the post and I’m thrilled that others like it, too. So, I thought I’d share…

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Do you suffer in silence?

Do you suffer in silence?

I did suffer in silence most of the time. Sad but true. I would go about my morning routine with a smile on my face for all to see, preparing the coffee and breakfast, making sure everyone else was taken care of — then, I would get myself ready and leave for work. I’d put…

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Making divorce brighter and easier

Divorce—3 Tips for Making Yours Easier

What am I doing? “My life has been so wrapped up in this marriage and being a couple, I’m not sure I remember how to be me again.” “I know I can’t keep on like this.” “I’m just putting on a brave face and throwing myself into my career to keep myself very busy.” “I’ve…

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Show Up and Burst into Bloom

Are You Ready to Burst into Bloom?

What does it mean to “burst into bloom?”   To me it means that I feel overjoyed by something.  Something I’ve accomplished or created or nurtured has turned out well. When I “do what I love and love what I do” there is nothing that can stand in the way of my progress.  When I…

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Fear You Need and Fear You Don't Need

Fear You Need and Fear You Don’t Need

As I’m re-reading a book I love I’m thinking about how you might like it too. I’m thinking how valuable one of the many lessons is that Elizabeth Gilbert shares near the very beginning of her bestselling book, The Big Magic: Creative Living beyond Fear.  Have you read it?  If not, I recommend it highly.…

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