Accepting & Adapting to Life’s Changes


You might ask, why does it matter that you adapt to change? 

Well, the truth is, you can’t get away from change, as your life is designed for it. Babies are born and people die. You grow as a child and shrink as you get old. You gain weight and lose it. You awaken in a great mood and something happens to change it. People come into your life and they leave. One day passes and another day dawns. Change. It’s how the world works.

How much is life changing for you? How well do you do with change? Are you one of those people who shudders just to think about it? Do you get paralyzed by it? Or do you welcome it with open arms and embrace all the new possibilities that can come with change?

These blog posts and video conversations are intended to offer insights and tips on change, how to accept it and adapt to it with more dignity and grace.