Thrive for Life Workshop

The Workshop

Has a Life Event Derailed You?

Don’t Let Another Day Go By Feeling Off-track.

Which life event rocked your foundation?  Divorce?  Loss of a loved one or caring for a spouse or aging parent?  Perhaps it’s an unexpected corporate downsizing, a forced or planned retirement.  There are so many major shifts our lives can take and, even if they are expected, but especially if they come out of the blue, you may be caught off-guard, at least … or even totally derailed.  You’re not alone.  Many of us have been there.

Life events do not have to define you.  How you choose to respond to them will.  Having the tools to make sound choices can make the difference.

Let this year be about taking off the mask you wear, pretending you’re okay.  Let it be about healing your heart, loving yourself more and learning to thrive, so you can show up for your family and at work being authentically you, with real confidence and control.

If you’re anything like me, as a strong, successful professional woman you don’t want the hurt or heartbreak of life to be seen by your family, friends and colleagues. You probably want to be seen as strong and sure of yourself, so you pretend you’re just fine. The problem with pretending is, sometimes you don’t know when to stop pretending and you may forget that there are emotions that need to be felt and worked through. You may not want to talk about your feelings with those who don’t understand, so you stuff them down and forget to feel at all.  

Not allowing yourself to heal your heart,  from the inside out, can keep you stuck in chaos, reliving old painful stories over and over again. And it can keep you from being at your best–at work, at home and at play. I know from experience that approach doesn’t support or serve you well.

If you feel ready to gain a new perspective, lean in and step forward to discover the possibilities that lie ahead for you to THRIVE, join me in Glendale on Saturday, January 13th for a one-day workshop that will move you onto a new track, with clarity and confidence.

The Thrive for Life Workshop is for professional women who:

know it’s time to STOP pretending that you’re okay and START taking matters into your own hands so you can feel grounded, healthy and happy.

are open and ready to learn effective, authentic and easy-to-implement strategies that help you take off the mask and the suit of armor, so the real YOU can emerge on a new track.

want decisions to become easier, better, faster, so you can tap into more confidence, clarity and choice, at work and at home.

are seeking a community of heart-centered women who understand what you’re feeling, share your experience and want nothing more than to offer solutions and support and receive it in return.

Is this your year to step off the roller coaster and build a new track, straight to the life you deserve?



Your Host & Facilitator

Hi, I’m María Tomás-Keegan, founder of Transition & Thrive with María, a division of SafeHarbor Coaching, LLC. As a Certified Life Transition Coach, I specialize in helping professional women move through and beyond life events that can shatter your personal world.

Having been through divorce, loss of loved ones, cross-country relocation, all while managing a busy corporate career, and then layoff and early retirement, I understand very well what it’s like to put on the mask every day pretending everything is fine.  My personal life crumbled and sometimes I felt crushed, hopeless and out of control. As hard as I tried to be strong, it affected every area of my life.

My path to being healed, becoming whole again and healthier-than-ever led me to help other professional women, like you, discover a new perspective, build a firm foundation and wake up your passions so you can design a new life that feeds your soul.

I believe a woman can thrive through major life transitions when she realigns with and honors her core values, gets crystal clear about what she wants in her next chapter, and takes passionate action to make it her new reality. Sometimes she just needs a little help from a friend.

I’ve designed this workshop to inspire you to create the fulfilling life you deserve so you can THRIVE, and live by choice not by chance.

“With ease, grace and charm, Maria offers a course of action for getting us unstuck from life’s challenges. Her approach feels like a refreshing retreat from everyday life, so necessary for moving ahead. Because of her life and professional experiences, I trust her intentions, as well as her knowledge and ability to assist participants in achieving positive results. There is a way to get back on a healthy path, and Maria leads with confidence.”
J. M. Whalen, MASL
Author of “You are the Perfect Age”


“María Tomás-Keegan is a speaker and facilitator who delivers her message in a way that spoke to where I am professionally and personally. María’s ability to authentically share about times she was derailed, allowed me to connect with not just her story, but allowed me to feel like another professional woman understands where I have walked. She shared amazing steps to move forward, and made sure that every attendee felt valued and important.”
Monica Williams

In the Thrive for Life Workshop You Will …

become crystal clear about where you are now–this is where your journey begins.

understand where you are in balance and harmony (and where you are not).

begin to create a new vision of a future that heals your heart and feeds your soul.

tap into your inner voice and turn down the volume on the sabotaging self-talk that
holds you back.

leave with personal strategies you can use over and over again, so you can move forward in confidence, with purpose and passion for your new life–at work, at home and at play.

Saturday | January 13th
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

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Venue & Investment

StarshineAZ – The Premier Co-Op & Co-Working Space for Women
6801 N. Glen Harbor Blvd. | Suite 200
Glendale, AZ 85307

The Workshop is being held in the StarshineAZ offices, suite 200, at the Glendale Airport Terminal Building, second floor. At top of stairs, turn left. StarshineAZ is last office at the end of the hallway on the left.


This full-day, facilitated workshop includes refreshments, luncheon, your workbook & journal.  

Walk away with a vision that inspires you, personal strategies you can implement right away & an inspiring plan for moving forward so you can start on your own road to Thrive for Life.

Just $79

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